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Austerity recipes anyone?

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by voodoo child, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. voodoo child

    voodoo child New commenter

    I tried a Sainsbury's Feed your family for a fiver recipe last night for red lentil curry - very good - quick, tasty and cheap. Anyone else found some good new ideas that fill that specification? (If you want the recipe it is:
    1 carton chopped toms with basil and oregano (I used plain and added my own herbs), Thai red curry paste (they said 2 tbsp's - I used 2 tsps) 1 pack coriander (I used ground dried!) 1 onion, olive oil, pitta breads (I used mini nans), 200g red lentils. Chop and fry onion, add chopped coriander (reserve some for garnish if using) after 2 mins stir in red curry paste. Add lentils and 500ml of cold water, simmer 5 mins, stir in toms (and herbs) then simmer till lentils are tender (15 mins approx). Heat pitta/nan (I use the toaster) . Add chopped coriander before serving. )

    Supposed to serve 4 but Mr. VC hoovered up enough for 2 greedy people. So really enough for 3 normal people or 1 normal (me) and 1 greedy person.

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