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Aussie remote NT teacher here if you have any questions.

Discussion in 'Australia - Staffroom' started by aussie_teacher_nt, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. aussie_teacher_nt

    aussie_teacher_nt New commenter

    Work up in Arnhem Land and will never go back to a mainstream class. Feel free to ask me any questions about pay/benefits and lifestyle if your interested in teaching out in the Woop Woop......
  2. Spoofer4114

    Spoofer4114 Lead commenter

    I'm a New Zealand teacher. Just wondering if there were many Maths jobs available your area and how would I find them? Any particular websites you can recommend?

  3. aussie_teacher_nt

    aussie_teacher_nt New commenter


    You'll need NT teacher registration and a Work with Children card before you can work up here.

    There are a couple of ST maths jobs posted right now. NZ Maths program is one of 3 recommended to remote area schools.
  4. Spoofer4114

    Spoofer4114 Lead commenter

  5. kaylawilson4

    kaylawilson4 New commenter Tes Australia careers peer advisor

    @aussie_teacher_nt and @Spoofer4114 Great to hear from you both, teaching in the NT is a fantastic adventure. I've worked in remote Qld myself.

    Smart Teachers has a number of Maths roles for 2018 the Brisbane office if you want to find out more info. Additionally, NT Government, Catholic Education Office - Northern Territory, and NT Christian Schools are all great places to look for teaching work in the Northern Territory.
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  6. kaylawilson4

    kaylawilson4 New commenter Tes Australia careers peer advisor

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  7. dclaxton34

    dclaxton34 New commenter

    I recently graduated with a Masters in Primary Education and I'm now looking for temporary work (I'm from Sydney but I'm curious about rural/remote opportunities as a way to get myself eventually into a Sydney school). I'm currently doing K-6 casual work in Sydney's south-west (I'm registered for NSW, I don't know what else I need to do). If anyone can recommend an area or group that places teachers in remote or rural areas please let me know.
  8. kaylawilson4

    kaylawilson4 New commenter Tes Australia careers peer advisor

    Hi again @dclaxton34 if you're interested in teaching in remote or regional parts of Australia - agencies are a good way to go, as well as consulting the education departments of the relevant states and territories. Northern Territory Department of Education are always on the lookout for teachers willing to go remote/regional. There are a number of teaching agencies that specialise in on-going and fixed term appointments for schools across Australia. Let me know if you have any other questions!
  9. aussie_teacher_nt

    aussie_teacher_nt New commenter

    First thing to do is get registered and your work with children card. For jobs have a look at this website there are also teaching pools that you can put your name in for that the DET will contact for various areas when jobs become available. - https://jobs.nt.gov.au/Home/Search

    There are 3 levels of remote. 1 low 2 mid 3 high. Generally related to access to major towns and beer (remember these communities are all dry, no alcohol). After looking at the jobs contact the person directly to get a run down of the community. I'd be slightly wary of jumping straight into CAT 3 as it's not unheard of teachers just getting back onto the plane from the culture shock....

    Things you want to know is security of housing, behavior of class and a general rundown of what's going on in the community. I'd stick to Katherine and Arnhem regions in the NT as Alice Springs is desert territory and can be very, very, very isolated. Anything near the ocean is good if your into fishing as you can literally just live off the land in these areas. WA is another option as well as the pay is higher than the NT.

    NT people are pretty open about what the job will really entail so don't be afraid to get the details. Eyes wide open into this type of work is the best survival strategy and the really cool thing is that you will see areas of Australia that 99% of Aussies never see.

    Feel free to ask me any other questions and I have a good idea about specific schools in Arnhem and bit's of Katherine regions and can give you a bit of a rundown of the communities.


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