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August 2011 babies

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Dannii100, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. Hello
    I am a teacher and am pregnant with my first baby yay! :) I am due 20th August. I am going to
    work until the end of Summer term. I was wondering will I 'lose' my
    summer holiday pay and will I have to put the end of July (end of term)
    as the beginning of my maternity leave? I hope not but I do know that I
    should be able to claim the following summer holiday pay of 2012 by
    returning to work in July for a few weeks, so at least I benefit that
    way. Can anyone help me about when I have to start my maternity leave?
    Thank you
  2. You can put your due date as the first day of your maternity leave and so get some pay for August. If LO arrives before your due date then your maternity leave will automatically start when they are born. You can't start maternity leave later than your due date if you go over due.
  3. Hey missytc
    Firstly, congrats! :)
    As far as i am aware, you shouldnt lost all your summer hol pay as you can put your start date of maternity leave down as 20th august (you cant put it later than that) so you would get paid normally up until then; that is unless you have the baby early, say 15th august then that would automatically be the start date.
    When you return to work, you i know with my lea, (and im sure its true for all) you can put your return to work date as the first day of summer hols so you wouldnt have to go back until the september 2012. I'm due in april and returning back full time in sep 2011 but i do want to go back for the last week of term in july (when year 11, 12 and 13 have gone) just to get some practice in at the school routines without having the full hectic timetable of september!
  4. Thank you for your replies, this is very useful. I guess the best time to have a baby (if we could ever plan to!) is 1st September and the worst time would be July! Oh well, never mind. The most important thing, is that i'm having a baby :) just gutted I would miss out a couple of weeks of what would be normal full pay summer holidays.
    Good news about returning to school though, I didn't know that. I did think about returning in June/July for financial reasons anyway, but I guess it is an 'easy' last few weeks, but I feel bad for the children and the cover teacher. I suppose I shouldn't think that way, and should think what's best for my family. How weird saying 'my family' hee hee!
  5. Smallhead

    Smallhead New commenter

    Hi misssytc,
    how are you feeling? I am due August 11th. I am sick every morning and have a horrible taste in my mouth. Anyway I guess you are in the UK I am abroad and will tell my boss at the end of January when I am 3 months. My contract ends in August and I would like to stay at my school. We had a chat about me staying on but that was before I knew I was pregnant. Anyway if my contract is not renewed I will be having it in the UK. We will see... Congratulations!

  6. Congratulations to you too! I feel sick, but am not actually sick. I get cramps at the bottom of my stomach too and feeling extremely tired all the time!! Yes I'm in the UK, where are you? My first midwife appointment is next week so I used lots of websites to work out my due date so not sure if that will be correct, but it will definitely be August! My first day of my last period was 11th Novemember and so have just worked it out from that. Would really like to know the date although I know babies aren't always due on the date, but it seems, the nearest to September the better salary wise!
  7. silvercrayon

    silvercrayon New commenter

    Hi guys congratulations to you both.

    I'm due 17th august (ish). Not feeling sick yet but tummy rumbles for sure.

    Are you guys getting a flu jab? Ive never had one but thunk it might be the best thing to do as pregnant.

    Will ask midwife when I book appointment

  8. Hello!!

    I'm 5 weeks pregnant and due on august 27th according to my calculations! My hubby and I were only trying for 2 months so feel very lucky. We're both a bit worried that things will go wrong (for no reason!). Cannot wait til we can tell people. I am a supply teacher and have just moved toNorfolk (due to OHs job) so don't know anyone there yet. His contract is only for 4 months so will more than likely be moving again in the early summer. Anyone live in this area? Would be nice to meet up with someone going through the same thing.

    Christmas has been a nightmare trying not to tell our families. Off to see his family today and I just know his sister will know!

    I have had a few symptoms : tiredness, insomnia, sore boobs, cramps but no sickness yet! Fingers crossed.

    So nice to get this out as I can't talk to anyone and although my hubby is great and is looking after me he just doesn't understand! Anyone else feel like this??

    Good luck to everyone!!
  9. Hello! I'm 7 weeks pregnant and due 17th August - would love to join
    this thread. It's so nice to share experiences with others who are going
    through the same thing. I'm starting a new Yr 3 teaching job on 4th
    January (I'll be 8 weeks by then) and I'm getting v. nervous about how
    I'm going to cope with sickness etc... without anyone knowing. It's only
    a two term contract so that should work out fairly well with due-dates,
    but I will be sharing a classroom assistant so I will only have help
    for a bit of every morning. I'm hoping it will all be fine but I've had a
    few very rocky days with a nasty virus and pregnancy nausea on top -
    feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all. Will be glad when my first week is
    done. Tiredness, hunger pangs, nausea and sore boobs are the main symptoms so far but nausea is only in the afternoon at the moment. Luckily I had the flu jab in October so no issues there. I just wish they could erradicate nasty cold viruses - I couldn't taste my turkey on Christmas day! Oh well - good luck to all on here and keep in touch!
  10. Hello,
    found out yesterday I am due my second baby on August 21st. I am trying to work out the maternity leave start date too.
  11. Hi all,
    There is a summer 2011 babies thread which you may find helpful. Have not been there long myself as only 7 + 1 but all the ladies are very friendly and full of advice!
    AN x
  12. Thank you AN. After I started this thread I did see the 'Summer 2011' thread oops! But my initial query was mainly to do with maternity leave during August time and pay anyway. Also after reading the other thread the due dates were mainly early summer so wasn't really relevant to me.
    I'm counting down the days/hours to my first midwife appointment on Friday (what a good NYE pressie!) I know i'll have loads of questions to ask... but actually i'm not sure what to ask! I shall write some down.
  13. I'm looking forward to telling people at school too. The finance/office manager knows everything to do with salaries and all the correct policies, but it will be some time yet as I think i'm only 6 or 7 weeks yet. But it does seem that you can put down the due date in August as your maternity leave, that way you get normal school salary up until that date (unless baby comes early) but this is only from what I read on the threads.
  14. That's right from what my borough has said. You put down your due date as first day then if you have the baby early it starts from that day and if it arrives late you still have to start your ML on your due date.


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