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Attention seeking pupil (I think!) - really need advice/strategies!

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by jolyons, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Hi. I teach at a lovely secondary school - high standards, good behaviour generally etc etc (yeah - I know - I don't know I'm born except I do 'cos I have also taught the other end of the spectrum of schools!). I have a pupil in my year 8 middle set maths class who is an utter nightmare. He is the constant topic of staffroom conversation as, as yet, no one has managed to find a successful strategy to manage his behaviour. The thing is I met his mum tonight at a parents' evening and she is desperate. Apparently he has sought attention from the minute he was born - it is absolutely constant. He has been tested, apparently, for ADHD etc etc but does not appear to have any kind of disorder. She has been to classes with him, called psychologists but nothing has worked. I am at the end of my tether seeing him for 4 hours a week so goodness knows how she is feeling. He CANNOT sit still and focus at anything at all. No, that is not true - he CAN because I have seen him (twice in a year), he just doesn't. He stands up and waves when I turn my back, he turns round and talks constantly, he shouts out, walks about, interrupts. He never EVER hears/follows instructions. I tried a positive approach by promising a reward if he achieves 3 simple targets in a lesson - 1) comes in and sits down straight away; 2) writes down title and LO; 3) writes one example in his book. He has yet to receive a reward. I have moved him, sat him facing a wall, sent him out of lessons... even when I have praised him for 15 minutes of good behaviour he immediately started playing up again. He is bright, articulate and good-hearted but the worst pupil I have ever taught... If any of you can help then please PLEASE do! He is driving me, and his classmates, nuts.
  2. I have a report card that is based on behaviour for learning that I have used with the most difficult students. If you drop me an email at sinkingship@hotmail.co.uk I will send it to you to have a look and adapt.

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