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Attendance meeting after pregnancy illness

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by catudy, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. catudy

    catudy New commenter

    Sorry for the length in advance, I am 19 weeks pregnant and since September have had 2 periods of pregnancy related Illness. One was 3 days, the other 4. I've also had the normal antenatal appointments.
    I suffer from another disease which in the last few years I have had quite a lot of time off work for and made the decision last year to drop to 4 days a week to cope with it. However, since pregnancy that disease has eased off and none of my time off was related to it.

    I was called into a meeting with the head teacher last week who pulled me up on my attendance record stating that had I not been pregnant he would have contacted occupational health. I did say that the time I have had off was not related to my other disease and it was pregnancy related. He responded with 'that's why I can't call OH'.

    He then questioned me about my role as a KS3 coordinator and asked if I felt I was doing my job effectively. Being put under pressure and being extremely emotional (at that point suffering with insomnia, morning sickness and a fractured scaphoid bone!) I broke down. Of course I wasn't, I had had 2 days of fieldwork (on virtually no sleep) been sick the following week and then had 1/2 term. I hadn't done anything in my role as KS3 coordinator in my subject and felt very low and terrible. I was not expecting to have my role questioned and have always been told before that they are very happy with my work and how I lead the KS3 department. I was basically asked if I still want to have the responsibility because they could try and get someone else (who isn't pregnant and going on maternity leave!) to do the job.

    Today I had a meeting with my HOD because they needed an answer to their question: 'do you still want to be KS3 coordinator for geography'. I basically got told that if my attendance continues in this manner the head teacher could take my responsibility away from me.
    At one point my HOD said that I have missed too many meetings to do my role properly (I've missed 2 due to pregnancy related illness, 1 due to an antenatal appointment). i made it clear I wasn't ready to give an answer so at the moment no. Financially I can not afford to give up the role.

    I'm beginning to feel all of this is really unfair and I'm wondering if I should go to my union rep to seek advice.
    The school have been understanding previously with my other health condition but this feels like I am now being targetted
    Any advice would be gratefully appreciated

    Teaching 12 years now and considering never coming back after maternity leave!
  2. thecagedbird

    thecagedbird New commenter

    You need to speak to your union urgently. This does not sound right at all.
  3. ThereAreBunniesInMyHead

    ThereAreBunniesInMyHead Occasional commenter

    This has UNION written all over it. Go straight to your union and explain the situation. Get them to draft some sort of letter explaining the law. You absolutely CANNOT be demoted or have your job role changed because of pregnancy related absence. If they are stupid enough to try this then they deserve everything they get. PLEASE go to your union and get them to deal with this because you don't need the stress when pregnant.
  4. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    Straight to your union - regional level not school rep. This sounds like blatant pregnancy discrimination. It's lucky that all your ill-health this year has been pregnancy-related, as it means there's no other absence to muddy the waters.
    The head should feel welcome to call occupational health - I suspect they would tell him to back off and ask whether your pregnancy risk assessment is up to date.

    Do you have anything in writing about these two meetings? It might be worth sending an e-mail, asking them to confirm your memory of what was said. Bcc it (and any reply) to a personal e-mail address, so that you have a record.
  5. Mazod

    Mazod Occasional commenter

    I agree. Get in touch with your union. 'I would have been in touch with OH if you hadn't been pregnant' is in itself unacceptable apart from the fact that they are trying to take your promotion away from you simply because you are pregnant. You ARE pregnant and were absent because of pregnancy related illness so he has no right to call OH and there is no reason for him to mention that he would in other circumstances because that is totally irrelevant. It almost sounds like he's saying that he's doing you a favour by not contacting them rather than following employment law!
  6. Yoda-

    Yoda- Lead commenter

    Just to say that I feel you are being treated in a very shaby way.

    I agree with contacting your union. Should the way you are being treated cause you distress you should see your GP. Put yourself first.

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