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AT1 skills in science

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Reb1Mc, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. Hi I am science co-or in my school and as part of our school improvement I have said that AT1 should be in EVERY lesson. I have a list of all the areas of SC1 you can use to help you if you want. I can also give you a grid with possible SC1 activities for every unit if you want. Just leave your e mail. x
  2. RJR_38

    RJR_38 New commenter


    In KS2 the AT1 is in every lesson posing poodle but KS1 is every other lesson at the moment as it has been recognised that a lot of KS1 is knowledge based - there may be an element of AT1 in most lessons but alternate lessons is the minimum we must do.

    Your grid for the SC1 activities sounds very useful, thanks for the offer


    Reb: I shall just have a look at that site now, thanks a lot!
  3. I am wondering if I could have that resource too? It sounds very useful.
    Thanks in advance!

  4. Fair testing
    Classifying and Identifying
    Problem Solving
    Mind Maps
    Concept Cartoons
    Concept Maps
    Concept Sentences
    Traffic Light Active Assessment
    Group/Paired discussion opportunities
    Child led investigations
    Letter Writing
    (starter/main session)
    Diary Entries
    Role Play, hot seating or drama
    Data handling (analysing, completing or creating)
    News Reports/Interviews ? written or videoed
    Cross Curricular links
    Follow me cards
    Information texts
    True/False statements

    If you think of all these things that are used in SC1 teaching would you not agree that it is easy to fit SC1 in every lesson? Not being snooty, just very interested in other peoples opinions. I have changed the way we teach science in Ks1. We now teach it twice a week, at least. Will e mail you the grid after Dr who!
  5. senorcalvo

    senorcalvo New commenter

    Was wondering if i could ask for the grid as well as this is an area i am looking to improve in my school.

  6. Posing Poodle
    I am aware that AT1 is massive area of weakness in my teaching. Any info you could send me would be very much appreciated.
    Many thanks.
  7. RJR_38

    RJR_38 New commenter

    Now, maybe I have this all wrong (and I am quite willing to be corrected on this) BUT...

    I wouldn't consider

    advertisments or poetry or letter writing for example as AT1 science.

    ok they cover the 'communicate what happened' (but just what are they communicating if they haven't carried out an experiment) part of the curriculum but most of the things you listed only cover that element.

    I would have thought more planning of experiments and carrying them out is what we need to focus on.

    As I say though, I am more than willing to be corrected
  8. That list is a list I used for staff training in AT1. It gives examples of the areas of AT1 according to Nc levels and also creative ways that AT1 can be assessed/ recorded. Because we have a creative curriculum in work, I had to think of ways 'in' to AT1 that would fit in with the rest of the curriculum.
    Experiments and fair testing is just one small area of SC1 and in order for children to fully understand the concepts involved they need to apply them to as many different areas of the curriculum as possible. Thus having a skills/topic based curriculum.
  9. RJR_38

    RJR_38 New commenter

    well it certainly gives some food for thought as we move over to creative curriculum, thanks
  10. No worries. Will send that grid ASAP. Do you mind me asking- what part of the country are you in? NI by any chance?
  11. RJR_38

    RJR_38 New commenter

    thanks, the grid would be really useful!

    I'm in the SE I'm afraid!
  12. Ah. I am in London but am from NI. It's just that in NI they have moved away from standard curriculum completely and it was something I was interested in. x
  13. RJR_38

    RJR_38 New commenter

    Oh I see. It does sound interesting!

    We are in the process of moving to a completely creative curriculum which although very exciting is tricky enough! lol
  14. Hi! Could I possibly jump on the band wagon and request a copy of the AT1 grid you mentioned?


    Many thanks.
  15. Hi,

    May I request a copy of your AT1 grid too please. It sounds a very useful resource.

    (please replace at with @)


  16. I would be grateful if you could send me a copy of the grid too. AT1 is also a weakness in our school and we are expecting a visit soon! We are gradually going over to creative curriculum but are not including science as Y6 sats questions are based on covering the QCA units. It must make co-ordinators life difficult to ensure everything is covered sufficiently?
  17. Dear posing poodle
    Would really appreciate a look at your grid. If possible could you send me a copy?
    Many thanks

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