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At your 20 week scan.....

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by lovesmyfamily, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. Just for fun wanted to compare all our lovely experiences at our 20 week scans :)
    My baby was lying face down with their feet at their face!
    My placenta was at the top
    My baby is a girl!
  2. d2148j

    d2148j New commenter

    Plancenta was fundal (at top)
    Baby C was facing the floor but had it's head in my bladder and legs kicking my ribs (transverse)
    The cord was nicely blocking that view so we couldn't tell if it was a boy or a girl.
  3. Baby was lying face down with the knees tucked up to their tummy, placenta at the front but towards the top, baby is probably a girl! (not a definate given her position!) [​IMG]
  4. We had the cord in front too!
    But thankfully everything looked and measured OK.
  5. We had our 20 week scan yesterday!
    Mine was curled up really low with their head on their tummy and as we were trying to look at what gender it was it decided to cross its legs over its bum!
    The placenta is at the back and reallllly low, they are worried it's covering the cervix so I need another scan in a few weeks to check again.
    Luckily the sonographer managed to get a proper look before that though and we found out we're having a girl!
    So so so excited!!!
  6. trish82

    trish82 New commenter

    Had ours a week ago. Didn't find out whether it's a boy or girl.
    Placenta is anterior, explaining why I've not been feeling kicks.
    Baby way lying facing my spine, with his'her back towards the placenta...and not particularly active but healthy all the same!!
    When I was scanned, I was 19 + 6...but baby's head was measuring 21 + 3!!! Hope it takes a break on the growing front and allows the body to catch up or else my big headed baby is gonna hurt some on the way out!!
  7. Don't panic trish - with my first I had a scan at 32 weeks and the head showed up as 38 weeks - we had fears of a giant headed child. At one point they thought the diameter was 12cm - all i could think was "they let you get to 10 cm then push it out! ouch!". turns out the baby was lyign at a funny angle and the dopey doctor didn't think to mention that this made the head measurement off! thankfully at the next scan it measured where it should!

    Although I often think my beautiful boy has rather a large noggin!

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