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At or near target weight and want to stay there...

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by Cals, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. ...so thought I'd start a thread for those of us in that position. Feeling a bit 'out of the loop' as people seem to be mostly on the 'only answer this if you've got more than three stone to lose', but still need support!
    Thought about this for a while and then read your post, Sam Bow!
    I am in the final stages of getting to my ideal weight. I still have some blobby bits that I want to get rid of, particularly before summer, but am very good at falling off the wagon - particularly at the weekends. I have a very small frame, so every little lump shows up.
    This morning I was 8st 7lbs - the lowest I've been on my 'official' weigh day - although I have his 8st 5.5lbs once on a Saturday. I think my target willl be about 8.3 on a Monday. Keeping it off is going to be the next big chanllenge.
    Been quite good so far today, although did make some bread - and it was yummy!
    My worst day this week will be Wednesday, when I am out all day, including lunch and then an indian restaurant in the evening. Had promised myself to get my Christmas chocolates back out of the cupboard this half term, but don't think I deserve it yet.
    Bought fab pair of trousers at the weekend and am determined that they will look good in the warmer weather.
    Anyone else in this boat?
  2. Not quite in the same boat yet but the only way that you will maintain is if you don't slip back into old habits. E.g. if you haven't been eating white bread and lots of chocolate, don't start eating white bread and lots of chocolate!
    As for Wednesday with your day out. It will all be fine, just make careful choices.
  3. EmiW

    EmiW New commenter

    I'm sure you'll be fine with your day out - enjoy it and just don't stuff yourself.
    I think with maintaining you need to stop thinking of it as a diet, and just see it as how you eat. Constantly thinking of foods as "good" or "bad" leads to binging or erratic eating patterns. And don't stress too much about a pound or two either side - fluctuations like that are largely down to water weight or what you've eaten.
    Eating regularly, and decent foods - i.e. a healthy combination of carbs, proteins and fats.
    I'm not quite at the weight I'd like to be yet either but I don't diet. I up the exercise and cut out on desserts if I want to lose weight.
  4. I don't really view foods as good or bad tbh, my downfall is holiday times. Without the structure of the working day, I just pick and pick (and sometimes descend into binge eating if I'm honest).
    I don't have crappy food in my house, but I spend the majority of my holidays visiting friends and relatives, so I either raid their fridges (I'm a terrible house guest [​IMG] ) or go out to eat (and drink!).
    I 'm finally at my ideal weight and would love to stay there - so if 'fessing up every day is what it takes, so be it!

  5. Honestly nobody gives a stuff if you are more than a stone under what they want to be.
    If it starts with an eight, forget it.
    I'm under ten and nobody cares!
  6. This is very true!
    I'm nowhere near an 8 anything :) but I like to feel happy in myself, which I am now.

  7. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    8? That's a shoe size!
  8. Cals,
    I am sooooo in the same boat as you!
    I am a half marathon runner who ran my best ever last March despite being 45 but following that official training plan worked!!!
    This year I decided to lose some weight as the talk is that you do run faster if you are lighter.
    It is so hard. I am currently 8/8 from 9 stone. I was always nearer 8 stone than 9 stone 10 years ago but am definately nearer 9 as I get older.
    I was determined to get to 8 stone for the 20th March but I am thinking 8 stone 4 is more manageable now.
    I never talk about my weight, I am aware most people see me as slim and would wonder why I wanted to be lighter. It is mainly for my running but I know I would also feel more confident in my clothes. So I will continue to try ....... i eat healthily always but now have an absolute ban on chocolate, cakes, crisps etc. Not too painful. I am trying to limit carbs which I fnd more painful. I am trying to limit alcohol which is VERY painful. But I will persevere. Half term should be a good week as I keep myself busy with things I like doing and don't have time for in term time so it detracts me from eating.
    I have NO idea how I will maintain 8 or 8/4. Eating so little long term will be difficult.
  9. Well done Cals for nearly reaching your target. I have been following yours and others progress on the weightloss threads.
    I have just over a stone to lose but cannot seem to get myself started properly. I hope to get going soon and to join the 8st gang!
    Am giving up chocolate, cakes and crisps for lent and I don't drink. So I should lose the wieght if I can stick to it all!
    I have lost the wieght before but as you say the difficulty is keeping it off!
    Good luck!
  10. Thanks W2S.
    The other difficult thing is getting started. I always start on a Mondy (get the weekend out of the way) and get my little notebook, graph paper and calorie counting book out. If you go out to work, just take your lunch, counted, and no money. Make sure you've got loads of nice fresh closed cap mushrooms in for when you get in ravenous and hit the fridge.
    Good luck!
  11. Incidentally, I am presently wearing a pair of jeans that last year I wore to someone's house where there was lots of yummy food. I got bad stomach ache and had to lie down and someone said 'you shouldn't be wearing such tight jeans' - they are now loose!!
  12. Sounds like me! Why wait until Lent? [​IMG]
  13. Honestly, my willpower has abandoned me.
    Today I have eaten:
    Leftover pizza
    Salad (not a healthy one!)
    Two bottles of full fat coke
    Cheese and onion sandwich (the mayo kind!)
    And am going round to my (pregnant) sister's house for tea!
    Not hungry, junt binge binge binge... and still half the holiday to go [​IMG]
  14. Much better for you anyway [​IMG]
    Food you haven't cooked doesn't count [​IMG]

    (I think it's quite clear why I am getting so lardy!)
  15. I have an awful lot of weight to lose and know that I'll always have to watch myself if by miracle I ever reach target.
    I think this thread shows someone like me that a healthy weight has to be worked at and isn't just a given.
    Congratualtions to anyone who has reached or is close to their elusive goal weight.
  16. One measly pound lost.
    I don't even like "lost", as if it was there, on my belly, then I turned around and it was hey, gone. Where'd that go? It was here a minute ago - I didn't do anything - where is it?
    No, it wasn't lost. It was beaten down, starved away, fought, thrashed, withered and sent packing by sheer dint of pointless f*cking jumping around and self-denial. All 16 piddling ounces of it.
  17. LOL - I know the feeling Lily - and yet you go out for one measly meal - like I did last night - Indian - and put on three pounds! How does that work? I weighed myself before I went out and again this morning and I'm three pounds heavier - okay, beer, wine, poppadums, rice, nan, pathia and side dish - but three pounds of it? (also, of course, some of it 'went' overnight, if you get my drift. It's just not fair!
    Better try and be good this weekend
  18. Don't worry Cals, I am sure that the 3lbs will soon go over today and tomorrow.
    But why is it so hard to move those 16ounces when it is so easy to put them on - life is so unfair!!!
    Had a good day yesterday - managed only one mini aero bar that was naughty! I even had salad for dinner which I really hate! Hope i can stick to it!
  19. Sigh [​IMG]
    Had my body weight in pasta and garlic bread, topped off with lots of sweets - but I'm not even sorry now!
    Goin out tonight too. I think I'm classing this as a bad week - deal with the consequences next week!
    Random question, but when DO you actually notice the effects of a bad day? I'm not scientific at all, but can't imagine it being converted into fat overnight? Or am I being really niave? I intend to avoid the scales for two weeks, hopefully by then things will have evened out. If I look next few days I may cry!
    Hope everyone else is getting on okay!
  20. I swear that if I'm wearing tight trousers, I can feel my thighs getting thicker as I eat!
    That said, I have just read that on average, it takes five to eight hours from the beginning of the meal - so less than overnight! This would explain why I feel so blobby today after last night's indian. Urgh!

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