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At Last!!! The new Slide-Show Power-point - 'book' called 'Exploring Religion - An Introduction' has uploaded.

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by durgamata, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    Hi guys, I am so delighted to get this up onto My Resources at last.

    Because I am a 'theist' and tend to feel 'The Boss' is actually there and my boss - and that the particular part He is playing with me at the moment, in 'the game of life' is 'Surrender to His Will' I have been playing around with this document all the time it was refusing to upload.

    Last week, in London, when I was trying to upload it before going away for a few days (my plan, my agenda) it was a respectable 100 slides. It is now 124!

    Yesterday, when I came to the library here, having not been able to upload it either from my computer in London, my sister's computer from the Shetland Islands, (she invited and paid for all our family to go there for a big family get-together over the Tall Ships Race. She is a real star.)

    Then this week it would not upload from my computer at my mother's house, where I guessed the Internet link would be better.

    But now it has gone up there

    enjoy and do send feedback

  2. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    Hello again,

    back on my own computer which needs me to put all the <<>> in (not sure if they will show here - but if I don't put them in I get no paragraphs.

    Anyway, I was writing the above at the library, as it was timing me out for the last 60 seconds. That's why it is such a muddled piece of writing - and I assume that the library computers do automatic paragraphing so I didn't need to be frantically trying to add them as the last seconds ticked away.

    Well, it has been quite an experience getting this Slide Show to upload. And what I was trying to say above is that in the week that I have been trying to upload it, I have been inspired to add a few more slides. You can blame God for that! Mostly I just added some more pictures and the poems as it was a bit dry and 'heavy'. Too 'intellectual' and not spiritual enough for my liking..

    I hope that the extra slides have made it a bit stronger spiritually. And if so I guess that this was what my 'Boss' was looking for. I thought it would have made the file bigger and even more reluctant to upload - but it worked like magic from the library today - although right up to and including yesterday it kept stopping with one of the little red 'number codes' to indicate an 'error.' and the 'problem with loading' notice..If anyone has experience of this and can give me any technical advice I would appreciate it. I even tried at a friends house, after the library closed yesterday - and they have a great computer set up, but it still didn't work.

    I think you can use this with any secondary KS3 group and even with year 5, 6 or with KS4 or adult. It is a stimulus for thinking and reflecting. It should encourage some good discussion. And to make it differentiated for the different age/ability groups this would be by outcome and response.

    I have lots of follow up exercises I have used with all the different 'episodes' which I plan to look out and add in the coming weeks. Almost every 'Activity Stage' has several different follow up exercises which I have tailor-made for different groups over the years. But I have never put all these ideas together like this before.

    The 'Religious Identity' slides are adapted from exercises I have used in the 'Religious Identity Passport' workshop - so if you wish I could come and do one of those with your students as follow-up. Then they actually have a little 'Passport' to take home.

    Another response to this exercise is to give a list of different people, with a short introduction to who they are. The task is to write what the student thinks those people's 'religious identity' would be - and why.

    For example, in the light of recent tragic events in Norway, what might the murderer's religious identity be? You could photocopy some of an article about him - I think the articles mentioned that he considered himself to be a Christian - so would he have been exclusivist or pluralist, fundamentalist or liberal - etc.

    Then you could ask for evidence from the Bible - especially teachings of Jesus found in the gospels to suggest he was acting in a way that was true to Christianity - or not. Give Bible references for Ten Commandments, Sermon on the Mount ( especially the command to love) to the Golden Rule, the woman caught in adultery, the 'sheep and the goats' parable - and perhaps to Jesus turning over the tables in the Temple. I might pick several characters from current events in the news - or inspiring people who we study such as Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Martin Luther King. Can anyone suggest other 'leading lights' from other communities - particularly Buddhism, Judaism, Islam and Sikhism which would be good to include? Other interesting ones would be well known characters from books, films or the pop-music scene. I am a bit 'old' so Bob Marley jumps to my mind - and Harry Potter of course - but there must be lots of good characters, You could also discuss this and set a homework research project for your students to come up with three good suggestions, each with an outline to give clues. The 'hidden curriculum' in all this is that 'Everyone is part of the Jigsaw of religion' and 'Everyone has a Religious Identity.' Also 'Religious Education is about real people and real life. You can't get it out of a text-book.

    Another idea -, look at when I have included a poem or picture. One response would be to think about/discuss why I may have chosen this one. Does it work well? If so shy does it work well? What other poem or picture might the students choose?

    Another response for older / more able students - could be given as a homework or class-based research activity, to actually find images or poems to use instead of the ones I have chosen - and explain why. You might divide the class up into six groups and those in each group have to find a quotation or poem from one of the major religions - so that as a class all the 6 major religions can be covered. Groups then meet to share what they have found and present them to the rest of the class.

    Another would be to choose one picture or poem and actually create a painting/image or write an original poem/prose - to illustrate or reflect on that issue in place of the one I have used.

    If we are to do the subject of Religious Education justice we have to engage our students individually, give opportunity for individual thought, reflection and creative response. And if we are to make it real, to develop the moral, cultural and spiritual aspects of our students lives, then we have to get away from the text-book (or slide-show) input and inspire their own unique response.

    This is my aim here. But I am not the 'great' authority; I am trying to share what has worked for me over the years, but you all have your own experience of what works, If we can share ideas we should end up with better RE. - so please, if you do use this with your classes, share feedback.

    When I get a shop on my website I will be selling some of my resources, but I will still offer many of them free on TES. This is because for me it is a way of serving the divine in all my wonderful colleagues and giving you all whatever support I can in these troubled times.

    I am sad to see the news about the Ebacc - on the front of the TES. But I still think we must keep on campaigning. If we keep up the pressure then things will have to change. But it certainly does not look good in the short term.

    Well, I must stop now, I have discovered at least two errors in the Slide Show so I will correct them and see if the corrected one will upload. But I won't cut the existing one unless and until it does.

    Happy holidays

  3. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    Just added the corrections - and extended it a bit more - to 137 slides. Is that a Prime Number? (I do like prime numbers.)/p

    Do remember to add comments and ratings if you use this. It's more than two months of my work and time offered free - partly for love and service but also to learn from. As I establish myself I will be charging for my resources - from the website which I am now upgrading - but I want to get them as 'good as I can' and that is where the feedback is so valuable.
  4. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    Right, the animated version has been uploaded. I also did a version with variable timing - estimating how long each slide would take.However the 'Activities' slides should be paused and left for the time required to complete the activity. This will vary depending on which Activity and what the students are like, so I have left them at just 7 seconds each.

    This is not the polished version that I aim to have available eventually to buy from my website - but it is good enough to use as it is.

    Because there is so much to think about on many of the slides I suggest covering a subject up to and including one 'Activity' in one lesson - about 20 - 30 minutes each lesson. - with 10 Activities so that it lasts all term.

    As always, do give me some feedback.

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