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At how many weeks are you starting/did you start maternity leave?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by sabby81, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. sabby81

    sabby81 New commenter

    I was planning on working right up to my due date to get my Easter holiday pay before the maternity pay kicks in but I am currently 28weeks+2 and starting to struggle. Just looking to compare notes with other teachers....x
  2. I officially left 12 days before due date (2 Jan 12) and I'm still here pregnant! (like you, wanted to get paid for xmas hols). In reality, I've now been off 5 weeks- I have never experienced such boredom in my life!
    I would recommend trying to stay until Easter because then you get more time with your baby. Also, if you can get through the next couple of weeks, then you will make it to Easter as it does start to get harder physically anyway from now on and you do start to doubt yourself, but then you can start to think about strategies to make your life easier. E.g speak to H and S person if you need anything health and safety related; make sure you're taking lifts and sit down as much as you can.
    I found wearing a pregnancy belt helped me to get about too when I started to feel achey.
  3. It's complicated in my case. I'm 23 weeks on Tuesday - but I'm supply. Since supply's disappeared this year, and the car MOT, tax and insurance are out for renewal end of Jan/start Feb - and I'm already really beginning to struggle with very early onset SPD pain as well (I can just about manage a half day working in early years - but by lunchtime I'm feeling like my ladybits have done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson's boxing glove) - we've decided it's not economically viable to continue to run the second car, with the inevitable huge MOT failure bill, past the end of this month. I'd planned to push on into March/April but the work isn't there and it's daft me paying out to keep the car on the road for the sake of the odd half-day for 2-3 months.
    I'll still keep on tutoring on a weekend and evening though up until I no longer feel able - I'm due toward the second half of May - hoping I can get to the start of May and almost up to SATs with my current tutoring kids, stop that then (just for the avoidance of the short notice "can't come tonight I've gone into labour" phonecalls) and then pick up tutoring again in September for an hour or so on an evening.
  4. sabby81

    sabby81 New commenter

    Are you on sick leave or maternity leave Tangit?x
  5. Oh how I miss my pelvis... I've told it if it comes back to me, starts behaving and co-operating in one piece - I'll buy it a nice box of chocolates, flowers and take it out for dinner and a bottle of wine! Thankfully my tutoring kid who lived in a second floor flat has moved house - I've never been so grateful for a kid to move house - I don't have to climb those stairs once a week anymore!
  6. Stairs!!aaaaaargh! They are def the worst for me and really sets the pain off.
    I'm off sick til week before feb half term (when I'll be 36 weeks) then mat leave kicks in automatically. It wil affect.my may pay and leave near the end but for now, I'm just glad to be off work, relatively pain free and happy again as I ead so miserable and it was really getting me down.
  7. I think it depends on how busy / long your working week is. I was planning to go on Maternity Leave at the start of the Spring Term (so January - this is last year by the way) and would have been 37 weeks, but in reality stopped at 33 weeks due to xmas holidays.
    However, as we all know, the xmas term is very long and due to the nature of the school I teach in, taught incredibly long hours (10 hrs 3 days a week, 12 hrs 2 days a week - think boarding school).
    It was also the time of all the horrible snow. But, I'm sure that these long hours and days played a part in the the fact that I went into premature labour (34+5), so literally a few days after the end of the term.
    Although I wasn't particularly struggling, I was 'carrying on as normal' right through to the end and in hindsight, was totally stupid and naive (even some of my friends/colleagues said they were surprised at how I was able to keep going and thought I'd burn out by the end).
    As a result, my maternity leave plans were totally abandoned and ended up having my maternity leave start at the beginning of the xmas hols.
    So, my advice, in a rather long-winded way, is don't push yourself to the end of the Spring Term just in order to maximum mat leave, if you are finding it hard, even though in a perfect world, you are better off financially. In my case it meant that I didn;t have a break because I was preparing for xmas in those few days of xmas hols before LO came early. Even if you feel fit as a fiddle at the end, take it easy anyway.
    Oh - and whilst I'm on the subject. Don't do any long car journeys - that was the other factor in my premature labour (that I had sat for 8 hours 2 days previously stuck in snow and slow-moving traffic).
    Apologies for long post!
  8. Ooops... I'm due 22nd May, and on the 18th I have to go see my parents be made Mayor and Mayoress of the hometown - 6 hour+ round trip (and hubby's under orders that if I go into labour he gets on the motorway and drives cos no way would I allow him to take me to the local death-trap hospital!
  9. trish82

    trish82 New commenter

    I'm planning on working until the day before my DD - for many reasons actually but due to Easter Holidays, I'll be off during week 37+38, then go back for week 39+40 before I officially go off on mat leave.
    Having recently moved to the area for my job (ok, 18 months ago but still in a new part of the country!), I have no family/friends in the area (my school is still an hours drive away from my home) so if I went off on Mat leave after the Easter break, I would have 4 weeks of staying in the house, wondering when I was going to go into labour! I honestly think I would end up being committed!!!! And if I went overdue - God help me!
    If it comes to it, and I'm not fit to go in to work following the Easter break, I won't do it BUT I do have every intention at the moment of making it to the 27th April!!!
    Trish 26 + 2
  10. Eek! Apparently it's because of the pressure on the cervix. I guess just stop lots (or stretch out on the back seat and go to sleep!).
    Good luck either way
  11. purpleapple

    purpleapple New commenter

    I've got my last day tomorrow and can't wait :) I'll be 35/36 weeks and can't imagine how other women carry on after that. They must be made of stern stuff. I have PGP/SPD (not sure, am going to the physio on monday - couldn't get an appointment before because it clashed with school!). So commuting and walking are difficult. Together with waking up in night about 3-4 times, I am very uncomfortable to say the least. I actually started crying one morning last week when one fellow commuter (a woman actually) 'beat' me to a seat on the underground leaving me standing for the journey.
    I'm finding that life is just getting harder in general and teaching is such an intensive job that I feel that I wouldn't be able to cope with the birth and new baby as well without the rest before.
  12. rebel75

    rebel75 New commenter

    Hi there, I just started my leave at 35 weeks on 20th Jan and my return to work date will be first day of summer hols :) I'm taking 26 weeks paid leave altogether, then back on full pay for summer hols... it worked out v nicely for me!!! I was ready to go at 35 weeks, was really starting to struggle with 2 hrs of commuting by car every day. Am loving it so far and am not bored at all..

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