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At a time of severe cuts, do we really need a TV station subsidised by the taxpayer?

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by deleted963, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. My reading of the article is that there should be 'an allocation' from the licence fee, not an additional fee. Undoubtedly this has implications for the BBC but it would need to be weighed up against the opportunities that the proposed digital channel can afford, particularly in creating new jobs. What in particular is it that you find objectionable?

  2. davieee

    davieee Occasional commenter

    There is enough parochial drivel on the TV as it is. I think the BBC should spend our cash on programmes that people actually want.

    Do we need another version of River City?
  3. Simply the fact that people want our money to make TV programmes.
    Also, the fact that some people find the need to recommend that taxpayer cash is deemed necessary* - a priority - to make TV programmes.
    Regardless of whether this is taken from the existing BBC licence fee or not.
    * I forget the precise wording.
  4. jonowen

    jonowen Occasional commenter

    What about supporting Scottish actors? Too many of them cannot stay in their home country because there is simply not the work (I know other professions are suffering too). Get rid of all these reality shows (X-Factor, Strictly Bawling, Skating etc....) as that is the same as non-teachers coming in on the cheap to school to do our jobs - we wouldn't stand for it so why should our young, talented actors have to be cheated like this?
    I'm all for our own TV station.
  5. I agree with the previous posters who say that there is already too much junk TV, however it is not clear what this new channel will be offering. If it is the usual raft of cr ap reality shows funded by telephone phone-ins and quizes asking inane questions like 'what is the colour of coal' is it a) Paris b) black c) taramasalata ... then I agree we could do without it. If, however it is going to be putting out quality programmes, good doumentaries, investigative pieces etc, then I think it is worthwhile and I would have no problem with it being subsidised. The difficulty is in knowing which we would be getting.

  6. An interesting point for discussion, perhaps another thread really. It
    is not only in TV but in virtually all areas of the arts that public
    money is necessary to support and maintain them. This is becoming
    increasingly competetive with some companies threatened with survival.
    Do we need a national ( Scottish) opera company, does it need a fulltime
    orchestra, to what extent should they receive public funding via SAC/
    Creativity Scotland? In TV ( and film) many fantastic productions would
    not have been possible without public funding. I suppose what I'm
    saying is that the support of quality productions in TV is only one part
    of supporting creative output within the arts.

  7. davieee

    davieee Occasional commenter

    Schools dont exist to employ teachers and the same is true regarding the licence fee / broadcasting and actors.
    I totally agree with you regarding shows like the X Factor etc. however there are large swathes of the country that watch them which is why Simon Cowell et al make the programmes and trouser the profits from public votes. If no-one watched them then they wouldn't make them.
    The OP spoke about the proposal for a Scottish Channel and should the taxpayer fund it through the licence fee. It also has to be said that there is a political aspect to this in that the "Scottish Digital Network Panel" is an organisation fronted by SNP nominees and in particular Blair Jenkins. Apparently the culture secretary, Fiona Hyslop (remember her), thinks this is a wonderful idea.
    Its an SNP front wanting to tartanise our TVs and when the Scottish people vote for them in sufficient numbers then they can employ their own luvvies
  8. But may I just put this whole debate in perspective: don't forget that however much you want to diss it---or me for saying it, as many here will---, you have in the BBC the best public broadcast network in the world, and compared to the vast commercial mind-numbing wasteland that is North American television, even your basic non-cable/non-satellite freeview TV here offers a wealth of choice and tremendous value for money---with a fraction of the adverts you'll find in the US, or even in Canada, whose beloved CBC is but a pale imitation of the mighty Auntie Beeb.

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