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AST pay spine

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by mummyof2, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. mummyof2

    mummyof2 New commenter

    Is this allowed??
    I have had 2 maternity leaves and not moved up whilst off for 9 months then 6 months, however a friend who is an AST in a neighbouring school had 2 maternity leaves and did move up.
    We both started our roles at the same time but now she is 2 points ahead of me. Seems odd??

  2. That does seem unfair. My understanding of it is you can move up the payspine a point if your performance management has been successful. If you are not off for the whole year then there would be opportunity to still meet the objectives of PM. Presume they would have to take into account the shorter time you had to meet them. Are you at the top of your 5-point range? I have moved up the AST spine each year based on successful PM. Who does your PM - school or LA?
  3. It's always tough convincing people that the role is worth the pay! However, the purpose of the role was to enable excellent teachers to stay in the classroom rather than move in to leadership positions such as assistant heads and deputy heads. You should not have to convince anyone of anything except that you have had successful performance management. If the targets have been met you should move up at least one point on the scale. Once you reach the top of the 5-point this can be reviewed in terms of any additional responsibilities or you stay on that point until this happens. AST positions still look strong in my LA, however this could change. My funding has been confirmed for 11-12, which is the same as every year. You should have a LA AST coordinator you can speak to.

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