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AST assessment - please help

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Lo77ee, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. I have my AST assessment next wednesday and have been busy compiling my evidence folder. I am very worried that, because I teach Year 6, the high value added will be based on the raise online overall value added. Is this right or is it based on the value added within the year I taught 'that' class? I can prove that the progress in my class is very good but I cant show that value added at the end of year 6 is if that makes sense.

    I hope someone understands what I mean because Im very worried!!

    Many thanks
  2. They should only be interested in the progress the children since having you as a teacher, when I did my AST day I just had to prove that the children made excellent progress while I was their teacher :)

    Just have lots of data showing the progress they have made from September to the end of the year and in the lessons they watch make sure the children make excellent progress!

  3. Many thanks for that - I just dont understand why the assessor wants to see Raise Online in that case....
  4. I think it's more for the standard which says that you have a good understanding of data, I was asked how I've used Raise Online to improve my school...
  5. oh gosh - Im not sure I would know the answer to that!! Id better do some research
    Thank you!
  6. imanewteacher2007

    imanewteacher2007 New commenter

    Good luck Lo77ee

    I'm going for my AST assessment next half term, just getting my application form completed and the folder to compile also!

    Please let me know how you got on with questions asked!

    Good luck again [*]
  7. Thank you!!! I certainly will let you know how I get on - it's given me many sleepless nights I must say!!

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