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AST Assessment Day and Sleepless Nights!

Discussion in 'Professional development' started by qweasy, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. Sorry I can't help much, but I am very relieved to see someone else in the same boat! Mine is in two weeks and I am slightly terrified!

    I was given the contact details of an assessor a couple of weeks ago, and arranged the date with him. He provided quite specific details of what he wants on the day and was helpful (if slightly scary).

    I would also be interested in how people have failed. I am fairly confident that I have convincing evidence for all the standards, but I work in a department that is a little light on formal, recorded assessment and I have never written plans and evaluations for lessons on a regular basis. I would be much more confident if I felt I could bombard the assessor with paperwork! I am also, inevitably, scared about the lessons (even though I have been observed hundreds of times).

    Good luck with the sleeping; I am finding evening baths help!
  2. I passed my AST assessment in February. I'm not sure how to advise you, but if you ask some specific questions I'll do my best to answer them.
    In advance, I had all of my evidence for each and every standard organised in a file. I had organised a group of pupils, a group of colleagues and invited a group of parents for interviews. I had planned and prepped my two lessons for the observations (including background info on the classes) and finally had sent the assessor a timetable of the day. I also had telephone numbers and times for ex-ITT students incase he wanted to speak to them (he didn't). But you'll know to do all of this from the info in your letter.
  3. Oh! Forgot to say - I got a relaxation cd for those sleepless nights!
  4. Thank you for all the fantastic advice, that is fab advice Helen about organisation - I am also going to get a few members of SLT to look at my folder, that's such a good idea!
    I'm just so worried about failing...I just want to do everything I possibly can to pass so I guess being organised it the main thing. Do many people fail does anyone know?
  5. Does anyone know how long the wait is from sending off the application to getting a response/date of assessment?
  6. About two days in my case!
  7. Lucky you! I'm still waiting a week later : ( I assume it's just a busy time of year and I will hear soon?
  8. That's interesting Helen, I was assessed with all of the usual pupils present, even those with very challenging behaviour. I was a bit limited with who I taught, as they asked for one KS3 and one KS4 and that didn't leave much choice, given that he wanted time to go through my portfolio early in on the day etc.
    I agree with everything Helen says about the day in terms of organisation and courtesy. For instance, we provided lunch and the faculty were all invited.
  9. I got my assessment date through today: 2nd July. Am very nervous! If anyone has any tips please pass them this way [​IMG]
  10. Oh hi

    I am in exactly the same boat...
    My English AST assessment is next Thursday and I am petrified! I have my heads full support and know that the data supports my application but still am panicking over how the day will go. I have my two best classes being observed, a top set yr 10 and my yr 12s but still you never know.

    I have my folders organised and everything in there that I can think of but the pressure that I am putting on myself is a killer.

    I took the liberty of asking my head to contact my assessor, which he did, to find out that she is an ex head (of 2 schools) and currently also works as an OFSTED inspector, bad news as we had the dreaded O in less than a month ago! I asked him to get her permission for me to contact her in person, which he did, and she said it was fine.

    So yesterday I sent the programme that I had put together for the assessment day and this afternoon I phoned her. Although I was practically trembling as the phone rang it was great to touch base. She sounded nice enough, seemed pleased that I was so proactive and reassured me that the application looked good. She told me to have a relaxing weekend (AS IF!!) and I came off the call much calmer than I was feeling previously.

    Who knows what will happen on the day... anything could mess up but as I see it all I can do I will, preparation seems to be everything.

    The bit that worries me immensely is the 1 hr long interview. Has anyone been through it? What sort of stuff do they ask? is it entirely linked to the standards? I want soooooo desperately to pass so any advice or tips for the day would be welcomed!

    Good luck to everyone in the same boat as me.. missing mates birthdays and everything this weekend so hope it is worth it..

    Fingers crossed for us all!
  11. and Em.. mine is the 25th so promise to feedback after so you can quiz me as much as you like!
  12. Do you all know that you can read tips and get advice from assessors and ASTs on the Prospective AST section of the national AST network? This is open to anyone so long as they have joined the Learning Gateway on NCSL. You might already have a username and password if you've done any NCSL programmes like Leading from the Middle.
    The quickest way is to use the shortcut address http://talk2learn.ncsl.org.uk//url/?i9GW9. Once there you just log-in or register to get a username and password. Technical or registration help can be found at 0845 609 0009.
    The Prospective ASTs section has links to application forms, job adverts, the standards, pay & conditions and information about the assessment process. People can get answers to questions and seek advice.
    If you want to be assessed this term you need to post your applications off ASAP. The most common omissions that delay the assessment are:
    • Candidate's DCSF Teacher Reference number (7 digits)
    • Signatures from the candidate and their current headteacher
    • Signature from whoever will be funding the post on the funding declaration page.
    Good luck all. Perhaps I'll see some of you at the national conference on 8 July in London.

    Sara Bubb
  13. That would be fab! Do you have your folder and everything ready now? How many years have you been teaching? So very nervous!
  14. WD

    WD New commenter

    Good luck all, but I fail to see how someone with only a couple of years teaching experience can apply for AST-how can you prove excellence in results and support for colleagues over such a short time? I taught for 8 years before applying way back in 2000, and have worked as an AST since 2001.
  15. Good luck to all those about to go through their assessement day. I am curerntly collecting evidence and hope to be ready for assessment day in Autumn Term. Any tips when you have been through the day would be warmly welcomed.

    WD I can see where you are coming from but disagree with your point about lack of evidence to prove excellent results etc. I am coming to the end of my 3rd year of teaching but have done more in those 3 years than some have in 10.
    At the end of my NQT year I was asked to be a Leading Teacher, I have been maths leader for 2 years, have 3 years of outstanding results in 2 different year groups, have supported teachers in my own school through collaborative planning, demo lessons, team teaching etc, have been through 3 ofsteds and a HMI and have spent last 2 terms on secondement at a school in special measures to work on school improvement. I have also led staff training and parent workshops.
    I agree that not all teachers have this much experience after 2 or 3 years but some do have and would not be put forward if were not thought capable,
  16. I totally agree Jemima. I would not have been put forward if I had not had the right experience and I have also done more over the past two years than most do in ten years as I work in a school where I have been able to progress quickly.
  17. I had my assessment yesterday and - thankfully - all went to plan. The assessor waited until the very end of the day to say that the application was successful, but hinted from about lunchtime that all was fine (by which time he had seen a lesson, examined the portfolio, and interviewed me).
    There were no surprises really. He wanted to start early (at 0800), and interviewed me early in the day after spending about an hour poring over the portfolio. He was very thorough, and his questions in the interview were probing, (but intelligent rather than formulaic), and he clearly understood very quickly how my school and department works. The lesson observations felt relaxed, and he occasionally tapped comments into his laptop (although I couldn't see whether he was using any kind of pro-forma). Colleagues, parents, and students were exceptionally supportive and evidently gave the right answers to questions in their interviews!
    After the stress of recent weeks, I really appreciated some of the calmer times in the day, when there was really nothing to do! Drank lots of tea, and closed my eyes a lot!
    Sorry not to have any revelations or tips, but the whole day passed so quickly that I barely had time to think about what was going on. Predictably, he said at the end of the day that he had appreciated that the day was well organised and that the portfolio was navigable.
    Good luck to everybody else! It certainly all feels worthwhile now!
  18. been teaching 6 years, and yes evidence folders at the ready. They were ready weeks ago and so I just went through them updating them over the weekend. Now that it is just a day away I am starting to feel very nervous but exhausted too! can't wait to sleep on Thursday night!
  19. eeeeeeeeeek, getting very nervous now! Less than a week away!
    How did it go Natalie?
    Em x
  20. Hi - I passed. So happy! I actually enjoyed the day after all the planning and everything ran really smoothly. If you have any questions just ask. Don't always come to this site so feel free to email me on nataliehscott@gmail.com.
    How is the planning going? What lessons are being observed?

    Nat x

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