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Assult - Whats the usual response?

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by the night owl, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. After almost 10 years of teaching I have been recently assulted both physically and verbally by a student and to be honest I am upset at how the system seems to work. I was just curious if I was over reacting and the response I got is pretty much standard or if things are done differently elsewhere.
    Essentially I was punched/shoved from behind with no warning or reason the subjected to a verbally agressive tirade from the student when spoken to by me. There was lost of shouting, swearing, and agressive posturing on the students part before they walked off. A member of staff walked by and informed others as per procedure, I informed the incident as per procedure. Then had to teach my lesson/s. At lunch I discovered the incident had not been picked up / student had not been seen. I was upset at the time why noone had popped along to see if I was OK.
    Someone did pick up the incident then, witness staments, from others, an incident report from me were completed and the student was off for 2 days until a meeting was arranged. Today I saw the student in school and in lessons.
    To be honest I am shocked that such behaviour warrents only 2 days at home (not a formal 2 day exclusion) until a meeting and the removal from my one lesson (student has been out of other lessons with me for some time due to a redduced TT).
    Is anyone else shocked that this can have so little consequence or is this the norm? I have got my school to discuss emergeny procedure at a year team meeting as a reult of expressing my unhappiness with this. But I guess I can do little else. The parents and students have been told this is the consequence for the actions, the meeting has taken place. All I wonder is what does a student have to do to recieve a more serious consequence.
    Am I overreacting to be unhappy with the consequence and the resolution? Do most schools deal with such incidents in a similar way?
    All and any replies gratefully recieved
    Night Owl.

  2. koali

    koali New commenter

    Have you informed your union rep?
    He/She should be able to get a reason for why the 2 day suspension was not "formal" and should be collating all similar events as a matter of Health and Safety.
    Also, this should be recorded as a matter of Health and Safety somewhere within the school. Some LEA's (but not all) have a special form which collates this information and it is stored by the local authority.
    A formal exclusion is the norm in witnessed incidents of this type, although the length of such an exclusion is up to the Head.
    The only times I have come across informal exclusions such as this have been where the teacher has provoked the incident or retaliated in an inappropriate way witnessed by other students.
    if a school has too high a level of formal exclusions.
  3. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    If someone assaulted me I would inform the police as a matter of course. Whether it took place on or off school premises would not affect my decision one jot.
  4. koali

    koali New commenter

    As a Union rep - I always tell members who have been assaulted in this way that they have the right to report this to the police. However, I also tell them that the response from the police can be varied- from a simple form to fill in if the police do not perceive a serious incident has occurred to a very positive home visit to the pupils house in some cases. Its a bit of a lottery.Prosecutions are rare unless physical injury can be proved.

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