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Assignment Writing!

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by rainbow_gold, May 1, 2011.

  1. rainbow_gold

    rainbow_gold New commenter

    I'm currently trying to get through my final assignment of the pgce and its just not happening! No matter how much I tell myself 'just get through this, it's the last one!' its just not working. Anyone else find that the essay writing is just the biggest drag of training? I love the teaching, don't mind the planning and reflecting and all the other school stuff but knowing I have assignments to write have been the biggest jaw-ache all year!
    Are these assignments actually helpful? I'm finding it hard to see how writing in depth on Shons theory of reflection will help me be an effective teacher! Will I look back in a years time and be grateful for all the time I've spent writing essays?.......
  2. I hope so! At least on PGCE, your assignments are closly related to your teaching experience, so that you learn to reflect on your professional practice with the help of theory and research findings. While you may not do formal assignments once you qualify, the practice of reflection will I hope continue and help you on your professional development.
  3. I am at that very same stage, just feeling really good about becoming a good teacher. Lessons going well, pupils motivated..and serioulsy avoiding this final essay.
    I am curious as to how many teachers really REFLECT or do action research or is it only when they want to move up the career ladder that they think about it.
    PS At least you've got a title for your essay, more than I have!
  4. I too am at the final 'Reflective' essay stage, and am finding it so very difficult. Firstly it's finding the motivation to get on with the actual essay, but secondly it's wading through all the various theorists. I'm becoming more and more bewildered the further I go on, and struggling to see any great divides between the more recent ones. I know that I need to critically analyse, but feel as though I am wading through treacle!
    I know that we should try to reflect upon our practice as we teach, but after this essay feel that I never want to reflect on anything, EVER!
  5. In the same boat. My final assignment is on SEN provision specifically for RE, and I'm finding it difficult to write masters level work about lessons planned for students with very low academic ability. Like you say though, final one...until MTL / MEd / whatever will come next!
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