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Assessmetn of Controlled Assessment

Discussion in 'English' started by cherryaimless, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. cherryaimless

    cherryaimless New commenter

    <font face="Consolas">The Producing Creative Texts mark on the sample materials for standardisation says that I should award a mark out of 10 for both pieces to make a mark out of 20, but the mark scheme says I should award a mark out of 15 to include the A03 iii. Then there's A04 to consider as well.</font> <font size="3">IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE AT ALL.</font> <font size="3">Please help me before I completely lose the plot. I'm on my own here. I have set aside time to do this and now I can't because it DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.</font>
    <font face="Consolas">I thought I knew what I was doing. Obviously not. Help.</font>
  2. cherryaimless

    cherryaimless New commenter

    And excuse the typo in the topic title.
  3. GloriaSunshine

    GloriaSunshine New commenter

    For AQA GCSE Eng Lang, you mark two pieces. Each is marked out of ten. The you give a further mark out of ten for sentences, punctuation and spelling, looking at both pieces of writing. So, the total mark is out of thirty. Maybe something similar for your spec?
  4. The problem is that there are two very similar sets of criteria - one for the English GCSE (mark out of 15) and one for the English Language GCSE (mark out of 10). If you have the standardisation booklet, then both mark schemes are in there - you just need to know which GCSE your students are doing.
    If not, then the specification has the mark scheme in online.
    Hope that helps!
  5. cherryaimless

    cherryaimless New commenter

    It's ok. I'm not going mad. The "Language" part had been left off. They are the two different Specifications.
    Sorry. Not that anyone read this! I can stop crying and get on now! (I wasn't crying. I'm exaggerating for effect.)
    Not that anyone cares.
    I HATE working at Half Term. It STINKS.
  6. cherryaimless

    cherryaimless New commenter

    It's ok. The "Language" ahd been left off. they are two different Specifications. It's all ok and I can stop crying and get on now. Not that I was crying. I was exaggerating for effect. Not that anyone's reading this.

    I HATE working at half Term. it STINKS.

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