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assessments in other language

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by dazwilkinson, Nov 22, 2019.

  1. dazwilkinson

    dazwilkinson New commenter

    Does any have or know where I can get assessments in other languages i.e Spanish, Italian, etc.
    We are currently welcoming new students from outside the UK to my school at an alarming rate. I would like to asses them in their home language if possible. As it will give an indicator to their academic ability.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Dodros

    Dodros Star commenter

    The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children is available in a variety of languages. There is a Wikipedia article about the history and content of this psychometric test at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wechsler_Intelligence_Scale_for_Children. As a retired MFL and SEN teacher, my understanding is that such assessments are designed to be administered and interpreted by educational psychologists or by "specialist teachers" with the necessary qualifications and training to gauge the eligibility of candidates with special assessment needs for access arrangements in exams such as extra time, so don't expect easy answers when you get the test results. I would also expect these tests to be an expensive purchase.

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