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Assessment tracking after SPTO

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by HS83, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. HS83

    HS83 New commenter

    Hi we use SPTO as do 4 other primaries in our MAT. We all love it’s functionality and how it supports afl. We have received a message saying it will shut down permanently as of 31st December 2019.

    What are other leaders using? Does anyone have a system that they are using across schools with good levels of functionality and analysis?

  2. pfbrum

    pfbrum New commenter

    Hi, we use OTrack.

    We've used it for years now and they've always been great with us.

    They've got an article about SPTO switch overs on their site: optimumotrack.co.uk/otrack-and-spto

    All trackers seem to be in hyper-promotion mode with the SPTO closure! It's especially mad on EduTwitter! Ha!
  3. dave wilson

    dave wilson New commenter

    Loving the mass panic about SPTO. Guess what, if everyone's tracking systems died tomorrow it wouldn't matter one iota. In a class of 30, there will always be a 30th. And a 1st. We've allowed oursleves to be blinded by snake oil salesmen, such as those that peddle the SPTO golden button b"""""ks
  4. lcp_teaching_resources

    lcp_teaching_resources New commenter

    You have perhaps have already found something. But if you haven't or aren't entirely happy with what you have in place. Why not have a look at LCP's iTRACK, :)

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