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Assessment (secondary)... questions that experienced colleagues can help with please

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by slick, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. slick

    slick New commenter

    New to the post of assessment and have a few queries that have come my way... will make contact with DfE tomorrow.
    a) How does the DfE get the exam results of the cohort that has just gone through? Does a school submit the figures ... or does the DFE pick up the data from the exams databases?
    b) How do you accredit non GCSE courses to the school's overall headline figures... e.g. Average Point Score, 5 A*-C.... We offer Cope qualifications (level 1...), Diploma in Hairdressing, Level 3 national Award in Music..... These have not been credited to the students on the Performance Spreadsheet.
  2. Hi slick

    The dfe get the results direct from exam boards. There is a checking procedure called tables checking exercise that is usually around oct 1st. (exams office usually do this). In there you check every individual results and it's here that non gcse generally show up. If they are still missing you can add them (as long as you have evidence) and its then that the headline figures are created. The process is usually about 10 days to allow you to check data. At the end of the exercise it then tells you all of your headline figures.

    Always best to have your own programme to store and check against. We use SISRA and I have to say its awesome for getting your provisional figures quickly.


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