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Assessment of School Trips

Discussion in 'School trips' started by cjwainwr, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. How may school trips be assessed for their influence on student achievement?
    When we know the answer to this we may have good information on which to contribute informative comments about Gail's original title of this FORUM. Currently, we have no examples given of a "best school trip".
    Indeed, we have no evaluations of any school trip - best, worst or indifferent.
    The confusion I have expressed in a couple of threads on this FORUM are about this absence of examples........Many contributors appear to have experience of conducting school trips and school trips have been conducted for the last 50 years in the public/national schooling system .Yet there seems to be so little knowledge or reports of the impact of their effects - particularly on student achievement.
    I have posted (on the surfing trip thread) my knowledge of student and of teacher deaths during school trips: and I certainly do not claim these as "best school trips". Yet, this information does constitute two examples of results or effects of school trips.
    Surely, other 'school trippers' must have examples....... ?

  2. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    So go away, get a grant, write a paper on it, get it published then we can all debate it and then ignore it!
  3. There seems to be only one place that has reviews of school trips placed by the teachers which is www.schooltripadvisor.com

  4. I mean both types..and galleries also.
    Thats kinda the point. To see when Teens want in these venues, what appeals to them, and why would they be unlikely to visit. So far i've had some interesting results - but still in search of more schools with visits planned.
    I've had a lot of the venues i've spoken to interested in my results also - Teens are the difficult audience to attract and keep, and many of the museums and galleries i have spoken to are very interested in finding out how they can develop to help appeal and educate this audience more.
  5. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    I know. Mind you if you want an even more pointless place to take kids try 'The Public' in West Brom. We went to a science comp held there and they threw in a tour! Nothing, and I mean nothing worked. The whole place is supposed to be interactive and it just wasn't! The guide spent his time trying to explain what each exhibit would do if it was working! I think they spent £60 million on it!
  6. And it's not just the waste paying for the coaches, but the whole negative experience for the kids when you are trying to find something stimulating to motivate them, give a different perspective on learning.
  7. such a shame that experience was had.
    As a lot of literature says - children who have a good and thought provking visit when young are more likely to be visiters in adulthood.
    That experience could easily put those students off from future visits to any type of museum or gallery!

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