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Assessment of EAL Learners' Progress

Discussion in 'English' started by Raggatin, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I work for an international school and we have a large number of EAL pupils in KS2.
    Could anyone please provide me with a standard form of how to judge their progress through the academic year?
    My head would like so way of judging that they have made progress since entering the school.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thanks so much.
  2. Hi,
    I working in a school with a really large EAL population and I haven't yet found a way of assessing kids well in English but our EAL coordinator uses the 1000 words test. All I know is that that's what it is called. Try googling it and see what comes up.

    Hope that helps
  3. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Haven't they found that there is a characteristically accellerated learning curve?

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