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Assessment materials for sale

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by jenni19909, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. jenni19909

    jenni19909 New commenter

    For sale;

    Dash 17 +
    Dash (blue)
    Phab 2
    Hast 2 manual
    Access to maths with test papers
    Unopened diy packs
    Wizcon reading pen with built in Oxford dictionary

    If any interest please get in touch

    Regards Jenni
  2. jojo892

    jojo892 New commenter


    How much would you like for the Yarc?


  3. jenni19909

    jenni19909 New commenter

    Hi Jo,
    Sorry for the late reply, i would like £100 for the YARC.
    Many thanks
  4. nickyle

    nickyle New commenter

    Hi, is the DASH 17+ still available by any chance? If so, how much? Thank you, Nicky
  5. trouserbiscuit

    trouserbiscuit New commenter

  6. trouserbiscuit

    trouserbiscuit New commenter

    Could you msg me if you still have the blue dash and would like to sell.
    Thank you

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