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Assessment in the under 5's with SEN

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by ssgmk, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. I currently work in an inclusive foundation stage unit for 40 pupils. 16 have special educational needs and 26 are following mainstream curriculum. I have the mainstream assessment sorted: using the tracker from the authority along with the new profile...we can measure progression and match development stages easily however we can't for some of the children with SEN. Some children will not move through the stages of development -some may take all year...some engage in parts and not others, some are not appropriate-especially parts linked to communication and physical development for children with PMLD and social development for children with ASD. The rest of the school use P-scales but they are only intended for 5+. The other problem is if we start to use P scales so soon the children tend to plateau very quickly as they move into yr.1 and 2. which obviously has an impact on our whole school assessment. I was wondering if any one out there uses something different for educational assessment of their under 5's with SEN or have an adapted tracker? The new EYFS is fine but it is not broken down enough for children with SEN and would not demonstrate the small but significant steps children made by children with additional needs for example: today bob held his toothbrush against his teeth/ maintained eye contact for 10 seconds/ smiled back at a familiar adult etc
    We have used the parental developmental journals as a guide for the last year but they too seem to have a very dramatic jump of expected development around step 7. Any help or ideas/advice would be great!
  2. I use the Development Matters statements to track progress through the year as I find it helpful to know what developmental age and stage they are at in each area. I then try to find enough evidence within each area, that shows competence, independence and transferable skills, to award points using the Eye-Profile. Usually children can achieve between points 1-3 over the year, and this can be higher in PD.
  3. dzil

    dzil Occasional commenter

    Have you looked at the Welsh "Routes for Learning". (free from the Welsh Assembly) intended for use with pupils with PMLD tracking stages of early development. It may be a way forward. I use it with pupils with PMLD at secondary level. It doesn't "do" P levels, but covers that early level of development (around P1 to P3) in clearer detail than P levels without the need for linear progress that the P levels assume.
  4. As well as Routes for Learning the other things that are useful to use are the Early Support Developmental Journals. WE use the Journals to measure progress (though I have to admit they are not always brilliant in breaking the steps down finely enough but they're better than nothing).

    The other thing that is good about the Journals is that they are specifically for Early Years.

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