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Assessment for Learning

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Shabas, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. We have just been given forewarning the head will be doing some drop-ins to observe lessons. She is looking for Assessment for Learning strategies that we use - any thoughts for Nursery!!?
  2. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    If you are making observations of children whether in Child Initiated or adult led activities and use these to inform your planning or take individual children forward I would think this qualifies as assessment for learning.
  3. Sam07

    Sam07 New commenter

    Hi! I am an Early Years teacher and we use the following AFL strategies.
    No hands up, talking parnters, thinking time and success criteria.
    Hope this helps.
  4. Just wondering how you organise no hands up?
  5. Hi
    I didn't do hands up very often and used my magic lolly sticks after talk partner talk time. They loved the who is it going to be element and it really changed the dynamics in the class (reception) which a much higher level of engagement.
  6. Hi
    I use lolly sticks too, they are colour co-ordinated for ability so I can cater my questions for each child. I use it for choosing children for games as well so the children see it as being fair. I would love to ban hands up, but Id be afraid that someone had something urgent to tell me and couldnt.
  7. I still take hands up when it is something I am not sure anyone will know and also at the end of input sometimes. I love the lollysticks though as they do talk more and you don't get those few children answering all the time. I don't always chose randomly though as sometimes I just want to ask my focus children something.
  8. obie77

    obie77 New commenter

    I currently teach our foundation stage class about twice a week and am applying for foundation stages jobs. Please could someone elaborate on their use of lolly sticks! I have seen them used and have used them in PSHE when I has a year 3 class for circle time but this sounds very different.
  9. Please could someone explain how their lolly pop system works - I too am extremely interested in implementing this, I haven't seen it used...where do you keep them/how do you hand them out? Do you use them in whole class inputs and/or small activities?

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