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Assessment / APS tracking software

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by thascales, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. thascales

    thascales New commenter

    I'm trying to find any software that would allow me to use APS scores on entry and then by tracking each child through each school year (at three testing points), to calculate for me the percentage of children on track for two levels progress in Maths, Reading, Writing and English (and ideally Maths and English). Does anyone know a piece of software that does this or even comes close to doing it? I have an Excel spreadsheet at hte moment that does some of my calcualtions for me but am struggling with tracking progress TERMLY towards two levels of improvement.
    Any help gratefully received.
  2. Hi,

    Take a look at Incerts (http://www.incerts.org/incerts2012/england) and the information it produces (http://www.incerts.org/wiki?page=reportdatatemplates).

  3. Hi, we've just started using Primary Progress Toolkit - it's fab! So easy to use /navigate and gives the choice of using APS scores, sub levels or both. It also incorporates RAISE ONLINE and FFT so any analysis can be compared to these. Also you can selectefrom half termly, termly or annual tracking (or mixture of two of these). Well worth and look and does not cost a fortune.
  4. Hi Kevin
    I have the answer to your prayers!
    I am headteacher of a 260 on roll Primary with no time to deal with rubbish tracking software that takes ages, is complicated to use and is always crashing. I went looking about 18 months ago for something simple but powerful. I found it.
    It is not well known (there are about 100 schools using it nationally) but it is a dream.
    By the way, I am not on commision. I just know how much time it saves me and my staff and it is so powerful.
    A sample of some of the things that I like about it...
    It is nothing to do with Excel. (although you can import into it from Excel or export out)
    It works with APS or levels and switches between them with one button.
    It tracks from End of Foundation Stage to KS1 and then to end KS2. (It keeps previous years data so that you can compare. It also works out CVAs for you if you want them)
    It tracks progress based on 3 points per year in KS2, or you can set your own rate of progress - very simply (and it keeps the previous ones so you can compare - average vs aspirational?)
    It loads all the data direct from my School Admin system.
    In my LA we use Pinks and Greys a lot. It will print them off for a class or group with one button click. It will also print off Pinks and Greys for individual pupils - all Reading, Writing, Maths and Science on one sheet. We give them to our parents at parents meetings.
    It has never, ever crashed. You keep a master copy on your computer and put a Read only copy on the server or elsewhere in your school. Very easy to back up. If another teacher accidentally destroys the computer, wipes it or whatever- your master is untouched.
    I could go on and on. It tells you how many children have made 2 levels progress (and will list them for you- to print off) It will even predict your SATs scores working from rates of progress and latest scores.
    You can email the developer or speak to him directly and he will sort out any glitches there and then. He has also written new sections into it for me when I asked (free). I am currently working with him to include Letters and Sounds phase levels into it.
    All of the functions are minimal, simple and run off a single interface - no faffing between different files. Most require a few clicks.
    I am happy to discuss it further- this will save you hours!
    It gives you percentages at all the different levels - at one touch of a button.
    Won't bore you with any more details. Try it and you will not regret it.
    INFORM tracker - go to www.plvideo.com

  5. We use Classroom Monitor, it's very easy to use and does everything that I need. You don't have to use it all so you coud start with just the assessment and the tracking but if you like you can report to parents on-line, upload photos and scanned work and they've just added a new feature where all objectives are linked to teaching and learning resources that parents can access from home.We've had it for a a few years now so I would have no problem reccomending it


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