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Assessment Angel and Y6 Writing Moderation

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Lauren1, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. Lauren1

    Lauren1 New commenter

    Dear All,
    I've been using Assessment Angel for a couple of years now in writing and reading. Now I have Y6, there's the added bonus of going to moderation meetings in my cluster /area, even if not being officially moderated / asked to sit the SATs by letter request. Is there anyone who has used AA to do Y6 SATs writing and successfully taken it to cluster moderation meetings? On training today the course was really pushing towards APP sheets instead of Ros Wilson, and it seemed to be back to the same old drill of multiple ticking, highlighting, note taking and ultimately photocopying for the sake of external evidence. I've no issue with showing what data I have through work, Assessment Angel via the laptop etc, but I thought the idea was to get away from paperwork for paperwork's sake? Can I legitimately take along my laptop to a moderation with my photocopied work so that I can prove that I've done the APP and all its bullet points etc, just without the need for those sheets. To return to the sheet format would mean that I might as well throw what's been a really helpful resource away. Also, has anyone used an alternative to APP successfully?
    Thank you for any thoughts.
  2. dc521

    dc521 New commenter

    I will follow this thread with interest but wish to stick this comment in now:
    APP is not statutory! If you use an alternative that shows where children are at and how they progress, that is comparable to the APP system, then you are 'fine'.
  3. APP is not statutory, but depending on how you use them, APP can make big difference. How they wre released by the government were awful! We use bookmarks with APP child friendly statements on them. They are also shared with parents who find them easy to follow too. Children really like getting the 'ticks'. Im not a big fan of 'tick sheets' as it doesnt make feedback very personal, but it does make it more managable, and ensures everyone is clear on expectations and working in the same direction whether teacher, pupil or parent. Just for your information, the bookmarks we use are from primarytools.co.uk in the app support section. May be worth a look.
  4. Lauren1

    Lauren1 New commenter

    Thank you both for your comments. I'll take a look at the bookmarks, but as you say, it's not statutory. I can't help but feel it's being pushed in a direction. I see no need to return to those mountains of sheets if Assessment Angel is doing the same job. Anyone else got a view?


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