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Assessing the foundation subjects

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Luke88, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. Luke88

    Luke88 New commenter

    Just wondering how this done in other schools.... curious to see how it compares with what we have recently introduced. Also what information are class teachers reporting to senior leaders when it comes to foundnation subjects?
  2. damo6bomb

    damo6bomb New commenter

    Don’t, it’s irrelevant. Controversial I know.
  3. NeKo

    NeKo New commenter

    So true!! If only SMT thought the same...
    We use Target Tracker and are supposed to update by clicking in the boxes with statements every half term (I think). We then use the boxes to determine the level. Waste of time and of no help whatsoever. We already know who finds elements of subjects tricky or who knows lots and a number/ letter combination doesn't translate into the fact that a child is really talented with clay but struggles with sketching for example.
    I also feel it's stupid to write on reports how much effort a child puts into a subject across the whole year.
  4. pedchamp

    pedchamp New commenter

    We use 'Infomentor' that links curriculum planning to assessments. Seems to make life easier.

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