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Assessing spelling in Read, Write Inc (RML)

Discussion in 'Primary' started by GTP-er, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. My school introduced RWI from Reception to Y4 back in September and it's gone brilliantly (Y5&6 are dealt with separately). A lot of children have moved up through the phonics levels and are now on the spelling programme but it seems as though they could well stay there for eternity, just working through each unit within each book until they are 103!
    Annoyingly, I have left my spelling handbook at school so I am unable to check what, if any, formal assessment of spelling performance the scheme recommends - we're in the midst of this half-term's phonics assessment and there is concern amongst a number of teachers that the spellers never get looked at again.
    Are any of you able to shed any light on what the handbook advises/what your school does?

  2. Hi GTP-er.
    I have just read your post as I am in exactly the same position. We introduced the programme just before Christmas and results are great so far. As I am Literacy Coordinator, I am tracking the impact of the programme on our standards of spelling, and I have not found anything formal and consistent that we can use for the spelling groups. I wondered whether you had found anything to support you since you wrote this post last year? I'd love to hear from you if you have and I'm sure there are many others out there who may be in the same boat!
  3. I'm afraid I've found nothing formal but have slowly developed my own assessment for the spelling.
    Mirroring the phonics assessments I have selected a couple of words from each spelling pattern e.g. Unit 1: may, play, weigh, paint. The spellings groups leaders conduct a spelling challenge every half-term or so and go up to the book/units that their group has recently finished. When the children's word lists are marked it is fairly easy to see which spelling patterns children need to practise.
    Based on the results we then shuffle children around or troubleshoot by grouping together the children with the same gaps and revisiting the problematic units. For a few children we've started them at the beginning of Book 1 again because not one of the spelling patterns has been secured - this obviously rings alarm bells; either from a teaching point of view or a potential SEN issue.
    I swap the word lists every other time we assess the children so there's less chance of them learning specific words rather than demonstrating their understanding of spelling patterns. Unfortunately the word lists are all handwritten on paper as I've invariably written them out whilst away from a computer e.g. on the bus, waiting for a staff meeting to begin or whilst my child is at gymnastics. When I get round to typing them up I'll upload them but that may be light years away....

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