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Assessing science (primary)

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by HC84, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. Hello all
    Can anyone recommend a good science assessment scheme? Staff at our school have rejected both the NSI optional SATs papers and the Rising Stars materials for science. Looking for something to assess them at the end of the year, rather than tests at the end of each unit of work.
    Many thanks
  2. Hi Helen,

    It's difficult to recommend alternatives without knowing why the others have been rejected. Perhaps a good place to start would be to identify the shortcomings of the others and to adapt them accordingly if possible, rather than go for another "off the shelf" package which might also disappoint.
    It also depends on the purpose of the assessment - is it to get the NC level or to assess progress across the year?

    Will help if I can, but need to know more about the perceived problems.

  3. I'm also after primary science assessment materials! We've also rejected both of those ideas. We don't value the SATs as don't feel it offers a true value of the childs attainment, rather that of a specific day which is partial to so many variables which could affect that one days results. We don't feel APP covers the knowledge content of science - i.e. naming parts of a plant as one area for instance, across all the topics! We want something we can use to measure progress across the year but everything I find is pages and pages which doesn't seem very realistic for an every child assessment basis! Chiquita
  4. Have you seen the stuff at Millgate House Education?
    Might be worth a look. Have been to a session on assessment run by Stuart Naylor (owner) and it was really good.


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