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Assessing Communication in CLD Schools

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by EDCMWILK1, Jul 10, 2016.


    EDCMWILK1 New commenter

    Hi all, I have recently taken a lead on communication in my secondary CLD/PMLD school. I am reluctant to jump in and change anything but I am very aware that we are still assessing pupils 'communication' using PIVATS speaking and listening and that this is not really enabling us to set and assess against really appropriate targets for our pupils.
    We also use a range of other assessments to supplement such as ' the WellComm screening tools', 'Routes For Learning' and we are beginning to look at 'SCERTS'.
    I am wondering if anyone can share with me for pupils in a similar setting how do you set targets for communication and what assessment tools do you use?
    Looking forward to your responses! Thanks

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