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assembly songs on values themes

Discussion in 'Music' started by paulalandon, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. paulalandon

    paulalandon New commenter

    Please can you help. Trying to come up with a list of songs that support values themes. Some themes stretch over several weeks so need a few songs to support each theme.

    Struggling with perseverance, humility, tolerance, thoughtfulness, humility, simplicity and hope. Any ideas greatly appreciated

  2. sparklepig2002

    sparklepig2002 Star commenter

    Streets of London

    When I Needed a Neighbour
  3. alisharp

    alisharp New commenter

    Hi. Fischy music has fantastic songs about all these themes. Kids love them and they are thought provoking. There is a Fischy music website.
  4. Hi! I've known a local group when living in the US that had great songs for values. They have a great web page: http://vitaminl.org
  5. LennoxBerkeley

    LennoxBerkeley New commenter

    'It's Money That I Love' by Randy Newman.
  6. DonnaJMinto

    DonnaJMinto New commenter

    Hi Paula,

    There is a company called Gottalife Productions who have produced two CDs of songs about values. The values their songs cover are: Respect, Cooperation, Honesty, Happiness, Tolerance, Friendship, Love, Hope, Trust, Understanding, Independence, Caring, Unity, Peace. With a song called These are the Values of Life that is the first of the CDs. The second CD covers: Responsibility, Patience, Humility, Appreciation, Creativity, Fairness, Thoughtfulness, Perseverance, Courage, Simplicity, Generosity, Freedom, Confidence, Compassion and Positivity. The second CD has a song called These are the Values, the Values of life.

    Gottalife Productions have a website: www.gottalife.com The composer of all the songs is James Wright and his email address is: jameswright@gottalife.com The postal address for Gottalife Productions is: Freepost RLXB-BHSB-STBT, Gottalife, Langstone, Newport, NP18 2LT

    I have written a Praise Songs for Assemblies pack which has songs about: Growing Up, Mum's Love, A Mustard Seed, Putting a Camel through the Eye of a Needle, Fear, Inside/Outside, The Lost Sheep, The Lord's Prayer, God Loves Us All, Homelessness, Fairness, A Prayer to Help Us Find Our Way.

    Hopefully some of the above will be useful to you.

    best wishes,
    Donna Minto

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