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assembly resources?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by merlymoo, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Due to internal promotion there is a high chance that I will be expected to lead many more assemblies in the New Year - some at very short notice. Just wondered if there are any good resources out there in the way of books and websites that people can recommend?
  2. dc521

    dc521 New commenter

    Hello there,
    I highly recommend these resources:
    as it tends to cover just about every topic, news event and rapid response to news events. Some of the prepared assmeblies need materials / resources with them.Very handy if you are in a Church School as the assemblies have bible references / prayers. If you're in a state maintained / non denominational school, you will know if you can use the prayer etc or just go down the 'reflecting on what has been shared' route.
    is something I dip into when I can't find what I want.
    Also, see what you can find on TES! I've found some gems of assemblies on here. Google terms like 'assembly and ..... ' an event of your choice and you'll get some great links.

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