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Assembly/PSHE/Form time activities- overviews. Trial resources 4 research.

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by lily Elms, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. lily Elms

    lily Elms New commenter

    Hi all,
    I am looking at developing some inspiring assembly/form time resources(ppts, videos etc) that use artists to explore key topics, thereby facilitaitng inspiring assemblies whilst promoting the arts and creativity as a learning tool across the curriculum.
    I am interested in hearing a) from SLT and other regular assembly givers regarding common assembly topics linked to learning, pshe, special events etc.
    And b) if this idea interests you whether you might be interested in trialling some resources as part of my ongoing MA research project with the University of West London 'The Creativity Mind-Set'.
    Please do direct message me at lily_elms@yahoo.co.uk if you are interested in trialling resources and/ or can provide any overviews.
    Thank you in advance.
    Lily Elms

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