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Asked to plan lessons whilst on maternity leave?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by physicsgirl, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. No I really don't think they should ask you to do this. Asking for a reasonable about of 'hand over' information about broadly what you have done and what topics remain is fine BEFORE you leave but you shouldn't have to do detailed planning for the person covering. Good luck with it.
  2. I am not known for my tact and discretion so my advice on these things is not always necessarily the best...... but I would be telling them in no uncertain terms that I would not be doing that!
    As someone says, discussing with you what they needed and making decisions together about where you would leave things fine. But now? Too late, ship sailed, tough!

  3. trish82

    trish82 New commenter

    If you are now off on maternity leave with a bit of extra time on your hands, you might want to join us on the Spring babies 2012 thread. Always happy to have new members and you may find that we're a fairly supportive bunch! [​IMG]
    When is your DD?!
    Trish 30 + 4
  4. Hi kate, I've got a week and a half til due date but (supposedly) having a c-section before then. I've not got a date for the op yet which, as everyone on spring babies knows, is driving me crazy.
    Is my second, ds1has just turned 5 x
  5. I would agree with the previous posters - definitely shouldn't have to do any planning whilst on maternity leave! It's up to the new teacher to plan what they're going to teach, they're being paid to cover all of your duties whilst you're off, not just some of them!
    On a similar note, I'm wondering what will be expected of me in terms of end of year reports - at my school we usually write them / send them home late-June / early July. I go off in the first week of May. Does anyone know whether I will be expected to have done any report writing before I leave? Or should the new teacher write them? It's in Primary so they would know them reasonably well by the time it came to write the reports as they'd have had them full time for 2 months.
    Thanks for your thoughts! [​IMG]
  6. I have just finished doing my reports (primary also) but it was a bit of a complicated one. I was supposed to officially start mat leave on sun 19th feb and reports are due in to ht by 27th feb. As their new teacher (dht returning after mat leave too) would only have had them for 1week, I was asked and agreed to do them. However, I was signed off a month earlier and in between that time they had a supply teacher (who obv was not expected to do the reports) so I had to wait til half term, take their books home and then write reports and take books back on monday morning. I think if their new teacher has nearly a full term with them then that is good enough and also as you wouldn't have actually worked with the kids for such a long time, then your views may not be up to date and accurate of their progress anyway (that's a good excuse lol)
  7. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Re: OP: No no no! [​IMG]
    Report writing- as long as you have a class assessment file, your cover should be able to write them. I left for mat leave at half term in October and knew the statements for our reports to go out in December (yes they are written termly- ugh) so I could leave notes for my mat cover. Once you ar eon mat leave you cannot be asked to do anything!
  8. I've done more than enough maternity covers over the years. I've expected to meet the leaving teacher, get told what's what and who's who... get told what's been covered previously and where things are - and an indication of what's been covered previously and rough levels so I can do the "in Geography this year X has done this this and this" bit of the reports - and that's about it!
    The one thing I'd have loved (and never got) was a teeny headsup when the teacher was coming back into school with the baby as it inevitably caused massive uproar within the class and knocked a lesson out to the point of being no use - and I'd just have loved to know so I could have put something like handwriting down for that slot, instead of the really pushing it to get it all done and written up in the afternoon, need to crack on or we won't get through it all science lesson!!!!
  9. Ditto to the OP: an absolute no.
    With regard to reports, Im secondary and I have every intention of providing a hand over and to provide my HOD with a copy of my mark book etc, but have no intention of helping out my cover with Y10 parents evening that occurs about a month after I've left.
    As other posters have already said, they are well aware of the fact that you are going on mat leave.
  10. d2148j

    d2148j New commenter

    no they should not be asking you.
  11. fairy78

    fairy78 New commenter

    Gawd, the cheek of it!
    I agree with everything the other posters have said. I'm Primary also, due to go on Mat Leave mid-June and as there will be a whole-school Olympics topic in June, I am planning to leave that in its entirety to my cover teacher, along with a list of what Maths, English and other still to cover. I'm only going to provide plans that I have already, i.e. odd subjects like PE and ICT. I mooted this Olympics idea to my Head, who made some comment about my doing the planning, to which I did not respond. Think I'm going to need to bring this up more formally in advance! I would do as Tangit suggests, and point them in the direction of the syllabus or previous year's planning.

    On the reports front, my husband has already said I should not be doing them, but given that they will be due in at the end of June, I really don't think I will be able to get away with this. At my last school, which had the most wonderful Head, I remember a friend going off on Mat Leave in May and still writing her reports - whether or not it was voluntary I don't know. I just don't think I would be doing a good job by those children, and their parents, by leaving report-writing to someone who has taught them for a couple of weeks only. Besides, I have taught Year 3 for four years now, and have a bank of reports to work with, so hopefully it shouldn't be too arduous a task this year. I'll have a look to see what other people suggest...

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