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Discussion in 'PSHE' started by WOT, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. |am in the process of writing a scheme of work for the ASDAN Life Skills and COPE, also Key Steps KS3 - would value any input from anyone who has already got these courses in place. I work in a PRU.
  2. Dear Annie,
    Opps sorry I forgot to include my email. If I too could have a copy of your SOW I would be very greatful. It looks a good course to teach. I hope our youngsters enjoy it as much as yours!
  4. Hi Anniebird,

    I would greatly appreciate having a look at your scheme of work and resources if that is possible.


  5. Hi Kate. I tried sending it to you but it bounced back....you might have to empty your email inbox!! I'll try again in a couple of days!!
  6. Anniebird, so sorry to be a pain, but as with everyone else (its seems) I'm just starting teaching COPE and have no idea what i'm doing!!

    Pretty Please can you send me your SOW and any resources you have!!

    Thanks so much!

  7. Would love copies of your ASDAN worksheets. Have just been thrown in at the deep end but will also start creating some worksheets of my own to share.
    Thanks in advance
  8. Dear Anniebird
    Would love some copies of your ASDAN worksheets. Don't think I sent all details in my last email!!
    Thanks in advance
  9. Hi Kate. I tried sending it all again...but it was returned! Let me know when you think your inbox can take the load!
  10. Dear Annie

    I feel really guilty asking for a copy of your SOW for the Asdan programme as I have seen how many people have already asked you.
    We are introducing the programme as a pilot in an LSU which I am really hopeing to make a success of.
    I can be contacted on personalisedlearningmhmr@yahoo.co.uk

    If you can please please help.

    Many thanks

  11. Does anyone have a SOW or Resources they are willing to share for ASDAN. I'm new to ASDAN and have to co-ordinate a team of 3 teachers delivering it in September. Once we are up and running I'll be happy to share anything we produce. Thank you in anticipation of your help and support. I can be contacted at hicklin04@hotmail.com

    Thanks again
  12. Me again :)

    Anniebird, having read throught he posts again, you seem to be everyone's guardian angel! Can I please join the list of people requesting your SOW and resources. I'm sorry to burden you with another request but your help would be really appreciated.


    Thank you

  13. Update to my prvious message. My Senior Team are suggesting I look at Cope. Anyone got any help, SOW etc on Cope? Thank you in anticipation of any help you can offer. hicklin04@hotmail.com
  14. What a lot of interest in ASDAN! Cool. I have some stuff I can share, but it is still work in progress. Some is elderly and Word97 format, and some is a bit moreupdated. Not lesson plans as such, but stuff I have come up with to support learning mentors or support staff. Well done Anniebird, you have started an excellent sharing resource. I would like to join your growing ASDAN list and perhaps we can continue to share.

    ok. Best Regards, Susan E.
  15. OK so I forgot to include my email address. but I would be grateful for resources, ideas and your scheme Annie... if you have time. I have emailed each email address in this posting. I have some Life Skills Entry level 2 stuff which I am gathering and working on now if anybody is interested.


    Best regards to all, Susan E.

  16. To Annibird and Sotheran

    Have sat and read the messages re: ASDAN and CoPe. Just setting up CoPe 1 and 2 from September 2006 and desperate for any ideas, SOW,coversheets, basically anything that will make it run smoothly and let the young people enjoy this new course. Please could you e-mail any resources, SOW, thank you.
    electric_gtr@yahoo.co.uk In return once I'm up and running I'll share any ideas etc that I find work well. Thanks
  17. i am starting to cover wider key skills at ks4 form september 2006
    Hoping to use asdan for this could i possibly have a look at the resource you have set up anniebird.
    anyone else doing wider keyt skills otr have experience with them.

  18. hi anniebird
    you are indeed an angel. please please can i add my name to your long list of admirers and get a copy of your SOW for ASDAN as i too have had it and cope thrown at me for september.
    much appreciation to you
    Diane (gamelsby@aol.com)
  19. I have been teaching ASDAN for three years now. Its fantastic. The pupils can work at their own pace and independant learning is the key. Let your mind run free with the challenges, i brought an iron and board and got the boys to iron clothes for the home management section, we are going to raise money doing this next year. We are now going to introduce CoPE instead of ASDAN almost the same but the pupils can get an equivalent B grade GCSE at level 2. Enjoy yall.

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