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Discussion in 'PSHE' started by WOT, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. That's no good for those (like me) who live in the South!! Asdan are supposed to be setting up worksheets that will be available from their website soon.
  2. Hi Anniebird,
    You sound like an angel!

    You seem to be the expert at ASDAN! A copy of your SOW would be fab, as would any lesson plans or resources. Am also responsible for 'Cope' in September and any similar info would be great.
    My email: terriglow@hotmail.com
    Ta muchly, Terri x (let me now if you require payment / donation)
  3. msmac

    msmac New commenter

    Asdan have so many awards/qualifications - any one got any comments on Key Step in PSHE KS3, Key decisions in PSHE same for Citizenship KS4. eg - ease of use for staff, value to pupils - value for money.
  4. Hi anniebird,
    on supply till the end of term and I have to teach ASDAN the school has nearly all new or supply teachers so would be so grateful if you could send me any information.
    Thanks so much for being a great help
    Lewis xx
  5. Yep no worries...leave your email and I'll get back to you!
  6. hi can i take a look at your SOW please, we don't do ASDAN but i'm looking at it for our lower ability groups that don't do the GCSE for next yr.

  7. hi, me too please! i've been doing the bronze for a term and done the it unit, but need to move on now.
    would appreciate a copy of your sow. ( same as apparently about a thousand others!)
    thanks, john
  8. HI Anniebird,

    I as most other users of this site are struggling with ASDAN.

    Can you let me have any resources etc.

    My e-mail address is jayne.oxley@dsl.pipex.com
  9. I'm sooo sorry...

    I've also been landed with the CoPE certificate and would be very greatful for any resources!

    Many thsnks,


  10. Thanks very much for the Asdan resources.
  11. J. Pilkington. I have tried to email it to you but it keeps being sent back...I think it may be too large for your school email. I'll ring you tomorrow as I can see the school you teach at! Annie x
  12. Thanks anniebird for the resources feel loads better about teaching tomorrow
    Lewis x x
  13. Hi Anniebird,

    Any chance I could join the long list of people begging for a copy of your SOW?
    Any other resources you have would be greatly appreciated.


  14. Hello Anniebird
    I am about to embark on the Asdan programme. Is there any chance you could send me your SOW, lesson plans,resources etc to set me off in the right direction.
  15. WOT


    Heres to annie who has really helped with the asdan SOW. I have been to a network meeeting today & they were talking about a CoPE specific scheme/ resources out soon its £100 (my school will have no problems buying it) will let you know when I get my hands on it. Thet were also talking about having a chat room regarding asdan & online resources. Great ideas.
  16. The resource pack was supposed to be out just after Easter!!!
  17. I have been given the opportunity to deliver the ASDAN qualification which I am very excited about but need a little help in getting started. I was wondering if anyone could send me any copies of worksheets, Scheme of Work or Lesson plans that would help me.

  18. Anniebird

    Have just read through the 98 postings re: ASDAN as I am in the same position as many others. I would be greatful if you could forward anything onto me as I am setting up COPE in my school but am due to go on maternity leave imminently!!!!

    Many Thanks


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