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Discussion in 'PSHE' started by WOT, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. Dear Anniebird

    Just been asked to pick up a group of year 10's for Cope from September 06. Would be very grateful for a copy of your SOW and any other resources.

    Thank you in advance.

  2. Anybody got a PDF version of the ASDAN spec which you could email me - all i have been given is a few photocopied sheets listing the tasks - i've written some ICT based tasks based on these (which will be available on my website to download soon) and it would be nice to see how they fit in the scheme of things - and i any others tasks could delivered during my ASDAN ict sessions.

    regards chris
  3. The challenges you can only get from the books the kids work from and you have to buy these. They're £5 each. Anything else you need you can find and download from the secure area on the Asdan website.
  4. Hi,
    Sorry to be a pain but could I also have a copy of your scheme of work? Feel really cheeky but it would help a lot. Many thanks

  5. Dear Annie Bird

    I am just about to start Asdan CoPE level 1 and 2 with our key stage 4 pupils and would be grateful of any resources/scheme of work. I am willing to pay if there is a charge, I'm in desperate need, any guidance would be really appreciated.

  6. Hi anniebird
    Ive been asked to look at cope as a way of delivering horticulture to 3 groups at our place. If you could email me your scheme of work it sounds like a great starting point as im banging my head against a brick wall at the moment!

  7. Hi anyone any advice on salary for ASDAN co-ordinator. I work in a secondary school as level 3/4 TA I work with SEN pupils mainly at KS4. I deliver a range of ASDAN awards/quals and Key Skills to kids in KS4. I am the co-ordinator and write sow asdan/keyskills policies etc. As yet have had no remuneration, this is currently being reviewed but have no idea what kind of salary i should be looking at. I am on £15000 pa at the moment anyone with any ideas or advice I would be really grateful.

  8. Hi Anniebird

    I am a PT with responsibility for post-16 students with additional support needs.
    ASDAN Bronze is being delivered by 12 different staff members! We would appreciate any help with schemes of work, lesson plans and any other resources anyone out there can help us with. We constantly reinvent the wheel so any help would be gratefully recieved.
  9. yep no worries.
  10. Hi Anniebird,

    I've been struggling with COPE level 1&2 since November 2005. I'm teaching KS4 students in a PRU. I'm new to Asdan courses also, so was really pleased when i saw your message about SOW, I would be so grateful if I could have a copy also.

    Many thanks

    email: vanessa@vjefferies.fsnet.co.uk
  11. Hi Anniebird I have been following the conversation from the end of last year concerning the lack of helpful websites and schemes of work for teachers using ASDAN. I have been working with pupils who are no longer taught in school (excluded/pregnant/health issues etc) and it has proved a useful curriculum to engage with these types of pupils.

    Due to being employed by a county council rather than a school, myself and other tutors seem to miss out on information normaly sent by the dfes and other bodies. I would be very grateful if i could be included within the emailing of SOW, which I can then pass on to colleagues.

    Thanks very much, Deborah.

    email: deborah.parker@dsl.pipex.com
  12. Dear Anniebird,

    Many thanks for emailing me your SOW, it is a useful resource and appreciate your help.

    Many thanks

  13. Dear Anniebird

    I really would appreciate a copy of your scheme of work and lesson plans/worksheets for Asdan. I think you need to start charging I am happy to pay.
  14. Dear Annie,
    I am amazed but not surprised that so many peope have asked for your SOW and I would very much like to add my name to the list. (angiecole57@hotmail.com)
    We have recently (January) started ASDAN. Neither myself nor my colleague have done it before and we feel a bit like the blind leading the blind.
    Is there not anyone out there who can start a website that we can all put our resources on and share nationwide, instead of us all trying to reinvent the wheel?
    I would also be interested in knowing how it is run in other schools.
    At present we have 2 female SEN teachers running it, but I have heard of schools where it is run across faculties.
  15. Hi anniebird...like several others...I'm starting ASDAN in September and would love to have sight of your SOW...the favour would be GREATLY appreciated...chocies and treats at the ready!!!! annwhittaker@hotmail.com
  16. Hi Anniebird, can I add myself to the neverending list of people asking for your lesson plans, resources. Am happy to donate to a charity of your choice, just let me know!!
  17. Hi Anniebird,

    Hope you would not mind letting me have a copy of your SOW. I have been told that i am responsibel for level 1-2 cope from sept 2006 and am struggling for ideas.


  18. Our school has just launched a VLE, somekind of electronic learning platform, through northern grid for learning. Schools within this remit (northern england) can access it.It means all worksheets, sow, policies etc can be uploaded and shared. Anniebird I'm sure this would save you loads of time having to constantly email/post your stuff. It might be useful for all us ASDAN people who are muddling through trying our best to pool our resources.

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