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Discussion in 'PSHE' started by WOT, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. We got the RAF in to do a team building day and the following week we did an orienteering course. They loved both and talk about it still after 6 months.
  2. Hi Anniebird,
    I would also be very grateful to see your scheme of work. I have ordered one from ASDAN over two weeks ago and still nothing. I have taken over a group in January and am srtruggling to get their folders ready. I would be grateful of any help.
    Many Thanks
  3. Hi Guys
    I am just taking over ASDAN in my school starting this sept and am totally lost. Please can anyone help with SOW resources advice - I would be grateful for anything you can offer.
    My email is clairebro@hotmail.com.
    Thanks in advance
  4. Hi everyone,
    It is so reassuring to read that I am not the only one beginning to stress about the task of introducing ASDAN awards within the school. As from september I will be solely responsible for teaching the peer mentoring award alongside COPE level 2 and the Wider Key Skills - this will be a 2 year course. I am also teaching COPE level 3 as a one year course to Year 12. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can anyone offer me a starting point/ideas/resources. I just have no idea about lesson planning schemes of work etc and as a school in special measures this is really worrying me - ANY help will be gratefully received xx
    Yours in anticipation,
    Claire Wood - email <u>claire.wood@headlands.eril.net</u>
  5. Hello

    Do you have a SOW for COPE or other ASDAN awards i could share? I would appreciate any tips to develop our ASDAN courses.

  6. Likewise I'd be grateful for anything to do with Asdan. I'm managing Bronze at present but may need to add Silver and/or COPE next year. I'd appreciate any ideas/worksheets/SOW to help with the pressure.

    Many thanks

    email - rosemary.magill@virgin.net
  7. Hi
    ASDAN have produced a CoPE schemes of work that has a lesson outline for every challenge in the book together with information about which skills units fit the challenges, weblinks, ideas about how to create good evidence and information about how to plan your scheme of work. You can order one directly from ASDAN for &pound;75.00. This is the only offical scheme of work for CoPE.
  8. Hi Anniebird, we are looking to start Asdan psd course from next september and i have got to start writing the scheme of work very shortly.Have you any helpful hints or suggestions/ideas that i might be able to use.Also what resources did you find useful ? I would be grateful for any help. Thanks Mikegavin
  9. using message above just as a contact point, i did recieve your SOW from you in the past however my school amalgimated with another special school, when i went to find them they seemto have been wiped from the server during the changes.
    If possible and if it,s not to cheeky to ask could you forward me any schemes of work you have for ASDAN CoPE at any level please.

    damianmcghee@aol.com thanks any help much appriciated.
  10. Hi
    ASDAN have a PSD resource pack full of worksheets that are suitable for level 1 learners that you would find useful. Make sure that you have covered all of the standards when you choose the challenges that you are planning to teach. You willl find that in a couple of sections you will need to do more than the recommended amount of challenges to cover all of the standards. Dont forget to get the kids to complete that controlled challenge at the end of the module.
    Good luck with the course in September
  11. Hi Damian

    Try looking at the schemes of work that ASDAN has produced. It has a lesson outline for each of the CoPE challenges and some useful planning information.
  12. Hi,
    I'm a TA and my line manager has asked me to run the ASDAN Short Courses next September. They look quite interesting and something that I'd like to have a go at, but they look like a lot of hard work! I don't know anything about making schemes of work or anything like that.
    Is it usual for ASDAN to be run by TAs? Although I'm interested, it seems like a lot more work than I'm usually responsible for.

  13. Hi
    Lots of TA's run ASDAN course and do an excellent job. You can have a lot of fun teaching the short courses.
    ASDAN run a short course workshops so you should ask your line manager to send you on this as it will enable you to meet other people in the same boat!
    Good luck teaching the short courses

  14. You sound so full of enthusiasm-no wonder the students do well.
    I am going to be delivering Work Skills in september and would appreciate a look at your schemes of work as I think there will be a crossover.Thanks ever so .
  15. Hello, I teach on E2E and I have just completed the PTTLS and I am now trying to put together SOW for ASDAN employability Skills E3 - L1. Does anybody have any useful resourses or SOW that they would be willing ot pass on??
    Thank you
  16. jaffaberry

    jaffaberry New commenter

    Dear Anniebird

    I would love a copy of that SoW as well. Am new to teaching ASDAN and starting it this sept.

    Thanks so much
  17. You can purchase a SOW for CoPE from ASDAN - this is the only official one available. If you look on the asdan website or contact them they will send you some sample pages.

  18. Hello

    Could I please have a copy of the SOW for Level 1 COPE and Wider key skills?

    I would be very grateful.
  19. Dear Anniebird

    I would love a copy of that SoW as well. Am new to teaching ASDAN and starting it this sept and couldnt find any info. If this is not too much trouble I would appreciate that. Myemail address is serapballinger@hotmail.com. Thank you
  20. Help anyone.

    Have been asked today to do the ASDAN as of next week, not on a training day until late September. Does anyone have any resources of schemes of work, lesson plans etc. My email is dawnt4@gmail.com


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