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Discussion in 'PSHE' started by WOT, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. Starting a new job in September, I also will be delivering Asdan to year 10 and 11. Would be very, very grateful for anything that will help me. m.fox@eys.org.uk thanks
  2. Dear Anniebird and other Asdan teachers

    Can I join the long list of people looking for bronze/ silver SOW and resourses. All help very welcome. Thanks a lot.


  3. Can anyone help. I am starting the ASDAN Cope course in September and would like as much help as possible. Does anyone have a Scheme of Work I could have or even worksheets and lesson plans?

    Many Thanks

    I am starting Cope in September and would be grateful for copies of SOW or any resources anyone can let me have (electronically please) My email is

  5. I about to start a COPE Year 10 group in September and would appreciate nny help / advice / schemes of work? looks like there is a good support network here going back several years - hope i will gain the skills to contribute too...
  6. I have been teaching ASDAN Bronze for 3 years now and l have just started with Cope L1 and L2, its a great step up from bronze...if u have the time to look back at some of the messages, their is a website in south yorkshire a school with asdan bronze worksheets, etc...but i found it fun to make my own....as i also include many pictures, witness statements and also made the learner record website locations and an activity log...any q's email me...i will try to help...
  7. Dear Anniebird and any other Asdan teachers

    Please may I have any resources/SOW for bronze/ silver /gold. I am starting in a new school, and have never taught ASDAN before. Extremely grateful for any help/advice.

    Thanks a lot.


  8. Hi jm2563!About to start teaching AASDAN BRONZE/SILVER IN sEPT. dESPARATE FOR sow. Please could you help? My email sb1@bewdley.worcs.sch.uk. Many thanks Susie x
  9. Dear Annie,

    May I ask for the SOW book.I have started teaching ASDAN this year and really dont know where should I start it from.I will appriciate your help.

    many thanks

  10. Hi

    I too am searching for some help in setting up the CoPE course. Any SoW / experience on offer would be gratefully accepted. my e mail is mmnadavs@fsmail.net
  11. I have been given 2 lessons/week for YR12 Cope.. I am an ICT NQT.. Never heard of Cope before..
    Any SOWs, help!! resources, ANYTHING!!!
    Most grateful!


  12. Hi

    I realise that this thread was started years ago, but as a new member of the ASDAN family I was wondering whether anyone had any SOW or advice about starting a grumbley set of y10's off on the CoPE road!
    Going on the training course in Nov, but school want work to begin asap, registration sorted and booklets on their way, all I need now is some inspiration!
    Cheers one and all

  13. Hi I am new to Asdan and am teaching Asdan Employability skills. Would you be able to share your schemes of work with me as I've just started my Ptlls course? Any advice would be welcome.
  14. Hi all,

    I am embarking upon the ASDAN adventure without a SOW or resources - if anyone has any resources or were forwarded Anniebird's stuff I would be extremely grateful. My email is clare_r@hotmail.com. Thank you so much.
  15. noodlier

    noodlier New commenter


    Annie bird is obviously the godess of ASDAN!! Could i be so rude as to ask for the resources too??

    Anything from anyone would be amazing, i will aim to send resources that i create as a result of being inspired as payment!!

    Thank you so much in advance :)

    email: misslmckay@yahoo.co.uk
  16. Dear AnnieBird
    Have recently started at an EBD school in Stockport. Would be really, really grateful if you could forward any SOW, advice etc for both the ASDAN Bronze/Silver and also for COPE. At this point think this is the only way forward for both the students and I.
  17. Dear All,
    I too am starting up ASDAN Cope award (levels 1 and 2) in my school in Sepember and am looking for Schemes of Work, any resources or advice. At the moment I have nothing and do not know where to begin. I'm a learning skills teacher and am hoping to raise the profile of the award in the school. I see many of you have been running the awards succesfully for a while and would appreciate your help if you have the time. If anyone would be kind enough to pass on information my email address is louisa125@hotmail.com
    Many thanks

  18. I almost had a breakdown when given 2 ASDAN classes in August but it gets better - honestly [​IMG]. There are a few things you can do to make it easy for yourself: first, find out about the pupils - hobbies, interests, skills, other courses they are doing - this will help you decide which units are most appropriate for that particular group. Then, decide which units you want to do in year 1 of the course and do a plan of work as you would for any other course. This can be tweaked each year according to the needs, abilities and interests of your class.
    Also, there are loads of x curricular links - be nice to other departments and use their current coursework to transfer credits for your kids.
    Finally, there are many activities you can do which will give the kids an opportunity to complete more than one task; for example <u>the visit to the art gallery</u> (unit 11) can also be tied in with 'oral presentation' (unit 1), study of an artist (unit 11) and 'use a graphics package to produce an A4 poster'/ 'use desktop publishing to produce a brochure (unit 9)

    I will send you some worksheets etc - good luck!
  19. Hi all,
    Please , please can I add myself to the long, long list of people in nedd of ASDAN and CoPE sow etc. I am taking responsibility for this in anebd school after Easter and any help would be brilliant. Thanks

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