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Discussion in 'PSHE' started by WOT, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. Hi Anniebird or anyone else who might be able to help.

    I, plus several other teachers in my school, have been asked to start doing Asdan Bronze/Silver with several different year groups. I have just found out and my first class is on Monday next week.

    Having seen all the messages asking for help and the grateful replies I am now asking if you could send sow and any resources that might be of use to me or my colleagues. We are all starting our new timetable this week so an urgent reply would be appreciated.

  2. Hi everyone,

    I also need help:)

    I am looking for worksheets and lesson plans etc for ASDAN CoPE level one and two

    Many thanks.

  3. Please can someone send me a copy of the SOW too as I am having a hard time getting inspiration for a group of year 8s who do not want to do it.


  4. Hi Anniebird/others,
    We too have just started ASDAN, at present only at Bronze level. Working with some difficult kids and would appreciate any SoWs. Will pass on any worksheets as I develop them. Thanks a lot.

  5. Hi Anniebird and other Asdan teachers please help
    Could any one help Ive just found out I have to teach Asdan COPE level 2 next year. Has anyone got any schemes of work or resources for any of the challenges or skills. I would be happy to share my resources also as I make them next year.
    Regards Julie
  6. Sorry I've just realised I haven't left my email. If anyone can help me with resources or SOW for ASDAN my email is mjegrc@aol.com

    Thanks very much Julie
  7. Hi Anniebird,

    Well, yet another legendary professional on TES! You may not want to take credit for this because it was actually your colleague - but the fact that you're willing to share your resources is fantastic!!

    I think the charity idea is fantastic so I've already made a donation of $5.00 to Save the Children via their website which is on the following link. It only took 5 minutes which is nothing compared to the hours of stress you will save me prior to September!


    Please can I have a copy of the info you have so kindly been sharing? By the way, thanks to whoever suggested the idea of a charity donation!!

    Regards, Kelly :)
    bullockk@bow-school.org.uk or smurfmenow@hotmail.com

  8. Our school is considering introducing ASDAN awards to support our Key Stage 4 PSHE programme for all students. I have no experience running ASDAN and would appreciate comments from experienced ASDAN teachers. If you feel it is more approriate,please post to

    Many thanks in anticipation for your support.
  9. Hey Anniebird and everyone,
    We're running ASDAN CoPE for a option group next year and looking to get the whole of Year 10 on it the year after to replace our traditional PSHE prog. I'd love to see what you've put together and maybe share stuff it's useful. I'll also mention it to our regional advisor in the South West because I think there should be an area on ASDAN website to upload and share resources.

    Thanks for your help in advance

  10. Ditto any ideas sow or resources for Asdan/coPe would be greatly appreciated! Once up and running I will be happy to share Annie Bird sounds like an ange. Hope you can help thanks in advance walkerlst@woodchurch-high.wirral.sch.uk
  11. Would really appreciate a peek at those SOW and any resources that would be useful as i'm taking on year 10 and 11 lifeskills and cope courses next year with very little training.


  12. Hi,

    I'm starting my first teaching job in Sept. for Maths and have just had my timetable and it includes two lessons of ASDAN for Y10. I have no idea of what I will be doing but would love to have a look at the SOW.

    Please could someone forward me a copy, thanks. valleyboy74@gmail.com
  13. I am starting Asdan cope in September, and would be
    really grateful for any help I can get. Any schemes of work or lesson plans would be really beneficial.
    I can be reached at
    Thanks. Aosta
  14. Italianophile

    Italianophile New commenter

    We are going to start the CoPE in September with our Year 10 students. Is it feasible to do Level 1 in Yr 10 and then Level 2 in Yr 11, or is it best to aim for the Level 2 at the end of the 2 years. Also, do you find the ASDAN people helpful and supportive? Do they offer teachers' manuals etc to help us? Any info would be GREATLY appreciated.

    My email is: wervie@yahoo.co.uk
    Thanks in advance!
  15. Dear anniebird and all you others who have now been teaching ASDAN for sometime - I have taken the plunge new job, new school, new curriculum for the school and for ME = ASDAN!

    Please would you be kind and help with schemes of work and other resources to deliver Bronze and CoPE level 1 as this is our starting point.

    Would be pleased to donate to a charity in response to help and would recommend the charity 'Care for the Family,' based in Cardiff who have inspired me.

    e-mail: nedkelly3@sky.com
  16. Feeling a little isolation in this fenland ASDAN desert - anyone out there in the Peterborough / South Lincolnshire area?
  17. I need help with PDRs can anyone please send me some examples and ideas of what you do for the 6 assessment units for level 1 and 2.



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