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Discussion in 'PSHE' started by WOT, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. Hi
    has anyone got any resources for asdan???

  2. Could I also beg some resources and SOW, I can't seem to get into the website to find out more info and wanted to know about the KS3 new horizons, so if anyone is doing this how do you deliver it? is it a timetables lesson etc


  3. Hi Anniebird,

    I am also teaching Bronze and COPE, please can I have a copy of your SOW, lahmed@dormers-wells.sch.uk.

    I am finding it difficult teaching the Bronze award to my very low ability SEN group. They all work at different speeds and are on different tasks. I find that they all need one to one help. So if I am working with one, the other six can be potentially all be off task! What should I do?

  4. I have just been asked to teach CoPE level 1 and 2 and would be grateful if anyone as lesson plans l could look at or even use.
    thank you
  5. Anniebird

    Please could I have a copy as well.

    I'm doing a long term cover for the "asdan man" and unfortunately his prepared work is fast running out. The year 11s are in real trouble !


  6. Any chance of WELSHGOLDDIGGER sending me S.O.W.
    I would be very grateful
  7. Anyonewhose got a copy Help !!

    Please could I have a copy as well.

    I'm doing a long term cover for the "asdan man" and unfortunately his prepared work is fast running out. The year 11s are in real trouble !



  8. Having just been thrown in the deep end and am now heading this up your worksheets and schemes sound wonderful! Thank you for your help.
    Phil Cox

    THE STOIC New commenter

  10. Would it be possible to send me a copy of your SOW as well? Am just trying to get to grips with bronze and COPE, any help and links to resources would be much appreciated

  11. Hi there... i too am teaching ASDAN on long term cover at a pupil referral unit in Bristol. It is very tough indeed, and im having trouble motivating the students to do anything. Please help!!!!!! Any tips, advice, schemes of work would be greatly appreciated. Katy.
  12. Glad Iam not alone. I would welcome some fresh ideas to get my year ten pupils going on bronze Asdan. Anything lesson plans, worksheets,schemes of work.All welcome
  13. Hello
    Do any of you have any COPE level 2 stuff I could look at? I have a Level 2 capable boy... but I've been doing Bronze/Silver, Life Skills and entry level for so long I've forgotten how to deal with kids who write in sentences and know what a paragraph is.

    ok - it's not that bad, but I did the Cope training this time last year, and only now I get a student !

    I have resources to share in return. :)
    thanks in advance, Susan E.
  14. Hi Welshgoldigger

    I would appreciate a copy of your SOW. I am teaching ASDAN COPE level 1. Not going too badly but could do with something to motivate some challenging year 10s. Thankyou so much.

  15. Does anyone have a Scheme of Work for Self Advocacy (Towards Independence module) they are willing to share. I would be eternally grateful!!
  16. Anyone doing New Horizons?

    I've started on some resources that I'd be happy to share, but would love to 'divide and conquor' this one!!!
  17. Hi

    I am starting delivery on Module 8 of the Bronze/Silver Award (World Of Work). Does anyone have any resources etc that would be useful for sections B & C. Anything would be great.
    Nikki x
  18. Dear anniebird and all doing CoPE - ASDAN

    Have read hundreds of e-mails for anniebird who seems to have fantastic resourses and SOW for CoPE and has helped so many colleagues. Please, Please, Please can i have all the material that is helpful (including the SOW) as I have been appointed as the CoPe Coordinator and would like to understand where to begin. Thank you ever so much!!

  19. Oops!! Forgot to put my email - monica23in@gmail.com

    Still requesting, pleading ... for CoPE level 1 and 2 SOW and resources.

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