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Discussion in 'PSHE' started by WOT, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. hi everyone

    i have been told i am teaching this from half term but from what i can gather there are few resources any SOW or resources anyone is willing to share would be a great help. you can email me at nikkilouguy@hotmail.com

    Thanks in advance !
  2. Dear anniebird

    Please could I add my name to the list of those begging for copies of your schemes of work and lesson plans for ASDAN bronze and silver. It would be a terrific help. Thank you.

  3. Having not heard from those people who have emailed about the SOW and Lesson plans for this award, I am wondering whether people do have them at all?

    I have emailed anniebird back but have not heard back from her- that was 2 weeks ago
  4. geog16

    geog16 New commenter

    In anniebird's defence she did get in touch with me and said the documents were very large she could not send them. I have spoken to her and she suggested keeping the challenges to certain day e.g every wed this challenge every tues a diff one so the pupils do not get bored (or you). Vary large or long challenges with short ones. I would be happy to help anyone with some ideas but i do not have sow i just have ideas. If you have been sent the asdan document look in the supp guidance p 16+17 and plan a term's challenges using this. I did and now both myself and class know what we are doing at each lesson. I could explain my plan to you and what we are doing. Hope this helps
    My email is on previous postings.
  5. Dear annie bird..

    desparate for ASDAN SOW...been dumped from a great height...any chance of a copy please


  6. I teach ASDAN CoPE level one and two and have created worksheets and lesson plans etc. I am happy to share, so if anyone is interested email me and I will send them to you so you can have a look. Some of the tasks are applicable to Bronze or Gold as well.
  7. Sotheran

    Sotheran New commenter

    Dear anniebird,

    Thank you so much for being so helpful and kind.

  8. Hi Laura, no worries. The bronze/silver can also be used for the CoPE Level 1. I'm writing the scheme of work for the CoPE booklet at the moment - but alot of the challenges do cross over!
    Good luck!
    Any questions just ask!
  9. a big thank you to anniebird for sending me the information,

    Big thanks again
  10. thanks annie,

    Hope everything went ok! Big hugs Mark X
  11. Thanks Annie...fantastic resource...I have already used it today xxxx
  12. Dear Annie Bird
    I am just about to start running the Asdan awards at an EBD school, I am going to work towards CoPE level 1 and 2 with our key stage 4 pupils and would be really grateful if I coul dalso have a copy of your sow. Any guidance will be much appreciated
  13. Dear Annie Bird

    Could you please add me to your list of those begging for any ASDAN resources, Lp's and SOW's.

    Many thanks

  14. I've taken on a very disguntled year 11 group and we are working through the bronze award. they are so capable of getting a higher award but this is my first time through and nervous of pushing them too far. its a great course in that you can design your own curriculum - but i'm nervous about the moderation process.
    any sow would be gratefully received.
  15. sorry anniebird that was directed at you...as yr the woman! thanks in anticipation
  16. Seven. No probs in sending u sow.....you just need to leave your email!!
  17. Hi Anniebird,

    I'm am currently a GTP trying to get to grips with ASDAN any chance you could send me a copy of the scheme of work and any resources would be very grateful.

    Thank you
  18. thanks anniebird xxxxxxxx

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