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Discussion in 'PSHE' started by WOT, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. WOT


  2. WOT


  3. Yes, but we're starting it only from September, so not too clued up on it yet. As I am timetabled with a group, any advice would be greatfully recieved.
  4. we do it but i dont much about it except the kids got to drive tractors
  5. Yeah we deliver ASDAN in secondary schools. What information would you like?
  6. I am going to start my first year of teaching Asdan to yr10's in September. Does anyone have any advice on an introduction task which I could use to break the students into the award in the first week?

    I am going to do the usual icebreakers but I would like to follow this up with some more in-depth work for the students to get their teeth into.

    Many thanks for this help and to all those doing Asdan, good luck for September.
  7. i have been teaching ASDAN for the past 4 years and have written the schemes of work and put together all the resources we use! ASDAN has been an option for ks4 in our school for a few years and has proved to be very popular. My year 11's have recently achieved the gold level award!(am so proud of my little darlings!) We are now delivering the CoPE level 1 and 2. If any one has any questions about ASDAN feel free to ask!
  8. Hi

    I am an NQT and am teaching the Home Management module of ASDAN this year. I would appreciate any resources, lesson plans and schemes of work that anyone could send me.

    Thank you.
  9. AnnieBird.

    I too would love to look at your SOW. I teach at a PRU and am keen to look at implementing Asdan and so any advice, support much appreciatedfrom one who knwos what they are doing. Anything I can do in return ( send chocolate or such like please say)
    Huge thanks
  10. AnnieBird, just starting ASDAN in our school and I think I am timetabled to teach a Year 10 group. Like everything else we are expected to take this on without any support or training. I woukd be extremely grateful for a copy of your SOW as a starting point and hopefully appear as if I know what I am doing!!!!!!! Many thanks,
  11. WOT


    I am an ASDAN co-ordinator & have set it up since sept so very new to me it sounds great & could be something really big. Would love any sow struggling with this hardeepbains2000@yahoo.co.uk
  12. Dear Annie and fellow ASDAN Tutors

    I am begging on all fours!!! Could anybody please let me have a copy of resources and SOW for the Silver/bronze Award.

    Have had Phone call from OFSTED!!! NEED HELP

    Thank you

  13. geog16

    geog16 New commenter

    To anyone with any resources for ASDAN. I have started the ASDAN in sept and am looking for anything to help. I feel I am sinking and although it is fun its hard work getting sorted. So Annie in particular please help. I am doing CoPE level 2 but any help would be great from anyone.
    Thanks in advance.
  14. geog16

    geog16 New commenter

    Help someone please - need some help with ASDAN nand will try to keep this thread at the top. In particular i am doing the CoPE level 1 and 2 and i need some experienced help thank you.
  15. Hi everyone, it's Barbara from ASDAN in Bristol. Great to see all the postings - we're really excited about all the good things going on out there. For instant advice, please visit the new, improved website www.asdan.org.uk (but it is still being developed, so bear with us!) Make sure you log in via bottom left corner to explore it fully. On the right hand side is the new e-commerce section.
    Otherwise, please ring 0117 941 1126 for a Programme Adviser - we're always available to help with any difficulties and hear about good practice. Looking forward to hearing from you.
  16. Hi, Glad to hear that many other people are struggling with the ASDAN course. I am teaching CoPE for the first time and have a very challenging class. If anyone could forward SoW, resources or just simply ideas on I would be very very grateful! I will also help and send out anything I do. Hope someone can help.....
    Many Thanks,
  17. Just looking at how to teach/plan ASDAN with 11 - 16s living in care following our first ofsted visit!
    any SOW, similar set ups - would be grateful to receive. thanks
  18. Sotheran

    Sotheran New commenter

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