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ASDAN COPE Problem Solving

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by llf123, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. Does anybody have any good task ideas for the problem solving skill? (level 1 or 2 of CoPE) I know this is a hard one to get right and wondered if anyone has it nailed!
  2. Does anybody have any good task ideas for the problem solving skill? (level 1 or 2 of CoPE) I know this is a hard one to get right and wondered if anyone has it nailed!
  3. WOT


    I too am struggling with this, in fact I'm struggling with ideas for all the assessment units. Do you have any sample level 2 PDRs?

  4. I have just been to a support meeting where the same question came up. One of the best would be planning a journey, as long as you can show restraints eg time
  5. Last year my problem was finding the most effective way to kill slugs . I was doing a gardening project! The group had to research and try out 3 different methods and see which was the cheapest and most effective method. They found some great ideas and the task was set over a period of time. They tried things like coffee grounds, egg shells, beer, grapefruit etc

    They had to explain their results and why they made their final choice.

    Another one you can use is buying a variety of things on a budget and working out the best buy. you can use the internet to compare prices and even get a trip to ikea or somewhere. Good luck. Ingrid
  6. In the past I've used journey planning for both L1 & L2 - could be something as simple as best method to get to FE college for an interview - walking, cycling, going on the bus. A level 2 learner used easiest and cost effective way of getting her school group to euro disney. Young people have used how to build a brick wall, best raft building techniques to stay afloat, cooking the correction portion of food for a set number of people to reduce food wastage, plan a route card for a Duke of Edinburgh expedition. Another good one for L1 is independent living section a £1000 for furniture in a flat - go to Ikea, use an argos catalogue, use the internet the young people chose the catalogue because they didn't have enough time to get to Ikea in class time, had to book the Internet suite so Argos catalogue was easiest because they could cut & stick items they wanted with the price attached. Vicky
  7. just returned from a moderation meetin for L2 my students all did the same problem but will have to change nthe way we do it in future as at L2 they should be tackling different problems, the only exception is if the nature of the problem allows the students opportunities to choose distinct and different ways of solving the problem.

    Hope this helps

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