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ASD in Reception

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by saturday1234, Sep 16, 2015.

  1. saturday1234

    saturday1234 New commenter

    I'm an nqt in reception wih 31children. One of these has been diagnosed with autism two months ago, but as it takes 20 weeks for his ehcp to go through I will have no 1:1 support for him this year. He can say few words but is generally incoherent, and cannot sit on the carpet at all (except for snack time, and after this he immediately goes to he door). He does not listen or understand when I read stories. He needs constant supervision but I cannot give him to my TA 24/7 as she has other bits to help me with!

    when we have snack my TA goes on a break. Yesterday after he had finished his snack, he sat in the quiet area and starting throwing pillows. So I told him to come and sit by my feet. He came over and had a meltdown, taking his clothes off (socks shoes trousers). I am alone wih this and 30 other kids trying to get him to calm down and for them not to squirm.

    i have not started formal lessons yet except for running over phase 1 phonics, which he does not join in with and walks around the room during, causing a disturbance. I'm really worried and don't know what to do. I get tense every time the TA has to leave the room as I have no control over him along with all the other children.

    i understand it's early days but do you have any advice as it is really getting me down and making me feel like a lousy nqt. Thanks.
  2. Wotton

    Wotton Lead commenter

    School should still provide support even if the ehcp hasn't come through. Why wasn't he given one in nursery. We had a child who came to us for mornings until his plan came through but that was only about 2 months. His referral was started when he was in playgroup. Your school has devolved funding and will probably have to pay out of this for the first 10/12 hours of support (can't remember the exact number) so support could be provide now. Speak to your senco. I'm sure I've got this correct.
  3. saturday1234

    saturday1234 New commenter

    In pre school school he was given 1:1 support but this was not funded, I think they paid for this. I will speak to the senco tomorrow but I spoke with my TA today and she is under the impression that he will not get That extra help until his ehcp has gone through. It is impossible for me to control him with the other children solely at this stage and I cannot have my general TA with him all the time.

    I have printed and laminated now and next cards for him to start with tomorrow and have a calming toy and fiddly toy for him to use starting next week. I'm just worried as his disturbances completely distract the other children and I'm so unsure what to do.
  4. Saland45

    Saland45 New commenter

    I am sure that the school can access emergency funds to provide someone, even from an agency temporarily... I have seen it happen when the need has been great. You cannot possibly manage and it is ridiculous to expect you too as eventually it could impact on the other children as well as the child themselves, speaking as someone who worked one to one last yr with a child in reception with ASD...... Surprisingly the other children i found were not too distracted as I thought they might be....but there are times when the child will need to be with someone else especially if they don't understand very much.... You could try a carpet spot, I used to have an alphabet cushion as I discovered an obsession with alphabet and numbers...a sand timer can be good to encourage sitting so they don't just rush off after snack time..generally and not always an obsession can work to your advantage ...lots of autistic children are drawn to fictional things...cartoons, songs, cbbc, music. There will be something ...The point is though you need an extra pair of hands basically! ....it is going to be a challenge even with a one to one! Good luck x
  5. ballerina

    ballerina New commenter

    How did it go speaking with your SENCO? Were they able to offer any support?
  6. azzie

    azzie New commenter

    If a need is identified, as it sounds as if it has been due to 1-1 last year, then funding does not have to wait for EHCP. Speak to your Senco/Headteacher and tell them the problems. Do remember though your levels of stress will be nothing compared to how he is feeling, so try to remember that. Have you talked to his parents to find out what he responds to, what he likes? When you talk to him reduce your language right down, if he doesn't respond don't change what you say just repeat it clearly and slowly. It sounds as if proximity to the group is stressful let him have another area he can be in safely. Does it matter if he throws pillows? Just explain to the other children he is upset, you will be amazed at how accepting children are. If pillows are too much to cope with give him bean bags and somewhere to throw them. I know it won't be easy and for his sack you need help but in the meantime good luck.
  7. saturday1234

    saturday1234 New commenter

    Thank you so much for all of your support. The senco has given me advice as to how to be with him and i am being signed up for training.

    Also I got the information about his EHCP wrong, his EHCP has actually just come trough (last week!). I had a meeting yesterday about his needs and we were highly recommended to get him an experienced TA to support him as he is receiving he maximum funding. However I have found out today that the school is refusing to get him a 1:1 TA. So I am stuck. I have been advised to organise a work station and calming space for him in class but without a 1:1 how would this work? I need my TA to help me wi other things! He has interventions which are not being done right now as I do not have enough staff to cover. Please help with any ideas because I do not know what to do.

    I am trying very hard to remain calm and clear with him but he constantly craves attention. He trashes my room when children are on the carpet if my TA is not in the room. I feel as though I am failing him already.
  8. Wotton

    Wotton Lead commenter

    So what is the school spending his funding on? As much as I don't like a child having a TA constantly with them sometimes it is necessary at the start until the child settles and to enable their needs to be met. Find out what his outcomes are on his EHC plan and see if you can meet them without additional support in the class.Work out what you need in the classroom to meet these . I think it will probably be an additional adult with experience of of AS.

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