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ASAP - Interview Help!

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by danni_c, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. Hi,


    Ive got a interview this week for a Reception/Year 1 mixed class...and have been asked to teach two activities. Task 1:

    30 min session with a class of year 1....have to take an object of interest, and then plan a follow up literacy based activity.

    (so far I've thought of taking a large brass key and ask the chn to write a few sentences about what the key might be used for/who might it belong to - obv. will differentiate via writing frames)

    Ive also seen a nice activity on the forum for a magic box activity - which could be a possibility, but the poem by Kit Wright might be a bit beyond year 1.

    Task 2:

    15 min session with a small group of Reception chn....to extend their calculation understanding. originally i did think about doing an investigation based on a witches cauldron and getting them to make different combinations of animals for the potion based on the number of legs on each animal....e.g. make a potion which contains 10 legs - but i think this might be a bit much for the littlies!

    Please help - any ideas greatly welcomed and received (asap!)

    D x

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