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AS Textiles AQA - unit 1 May 2010

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Dressmate, May 28, 2010.

  1. I am curious to know what anyone thinks of today's AQA Textiles AS paper.
  2. I am curious to know what anyone thinks of today's AQA Textiles AS paper.
  3. Quite hard. "Students will not be tested on history of fashion at AS" Cue women in Edwardian cycling costume............................
    Just putting together a nice little list of all threads on here, some info from enhanced results and my classes appaling AS exam results despite the fact that majority got * at GCSE, for the Head of Assessment at my school
  4. Couldn't agree more with above - where did you get the quote about not being tested on history of fashion at AS? I thought Section A was great, even a little 'GCSE ish', Section B was great if they did the cushion option! The extended answer questions in section C were a bit pants - very strangely worded - 11c in particular. Haven't seen the students yet so don't know there reactions. Last year my AS unit 1 results were awful, then they all retook in january and got fantastic results! Am I just getting better at knowing the paper or what? Not at all sure what to expect. As for A2 with Y13...well anything could happen as it is such a broad specification it just depends if you get lucky on what comes up in exam.
  5. I'm not sure, totally happy that my Year 12s and re-sit Year 13s could handle section A and B - that was fine. But I'm really unhappy with section C. I'm really not sure what they will be looking for in their answers. When I caught up with a few students who took the exam they were really confused by the questions and from what angle they were suppossed to approach their responces.
    For example:
    Qu 11d: new fabric technologies - are they expected to dicuss how polyester, viscose and elastane are new fabrics compared to wool and silk. Because this is confusing. These students are 16-18 and will hardly see polyester as a new technology - its been used all their life. Are the people writing this exam pensioners or something? Also past examiner's reports (and kerboodle) have criticised students for using out-of-date examples!
    Qu 11 g ii: Analyse the ways in which the designer has created interest in the collection shown through the presentation board -
    Is this looking at the layout of the presenation, use of models and hangers, a key statement etc. OR are you meant to discuss the clothes, their features, colour opions and co-ordination colour scheme?
    My parter is a head of history teacher and he says question 11a is ridiculous, and can't see how you could 5 marks here.

    I'm mainly hacked off because I prepared my students by producing a revision pack featuring EVERY fact and statement from all Unit 1 mark schemes from the last 8+ years (old and new spec) and there has never been questions like this before .
    I'm also annoyed because the AQA specification states that "students will primarily be examined on their knowledge of materials and components (section A in the specification) BUT Section C in the exam (50% of marks available) - the content for these quesions has come from Section B and C in the specification.
    So as far as I am concerned they have lied/mislead me as a teacher.

    Haven't a clue how to prepare for A2 exam - unfair to my students who all have high As in their coursework - no doubt they'll suffer and end up with Cs because of a horiffic Unit 3 result.

  6. I am so pleased to see all of these responses, because these are my feelings exactly. Although in general my students came out and said it was ok I was also told that ' History of fashion etc would never come up at AS so don't spend ages on it'. (quote a senior exmainer for the board- name witheld but I do know who it was!)
    I have actually spent time on this topic in the past because students like it but with a lot less time this year I left it until the end and covered abosolutely everything in two lessons. This is so typical of AQA. I too focussed this year more on technical knowlegde because that seems to have been the focus, what my students didn't know about fibres, yarns and weaves you could write on the back of a postage stamp! yet no questions at all hardly on this, this year. These are typically vague AQA style questions where they will wait to see what answers the students give and then adapt the mark scheme accordingly which has some benefits I guess but really the vagueness of questions is becoming a joke. My own daughter is in my class and sat the exam. On the way home she was asking me what the answers were and telling what she wrote, her answers made sense but who knows if they are 'right' in the eyes of the exam board. She also told me she finished so early that she got bored and went back and answered all of section B (both sections) just for something to do.(I have told her that was silly and she should have put a note by it - I really hope they just ignore this and don't take marks off!) I had told them they did not need to rush because they always seem to finish early. Does anyone else have this problem? everyone of my students has always said that and actually many got A's on the paper last year.
    As for the A2 paper - if you look for the starred thread on A'level textiles you will see my feelings. It is a joke. looking forward to the meeting in July cos I have some serious questions to ask, (have been asking for ages). Oh and my class didn't know what Proban was - my fault but then are we meant to teach them all the brand names of all the finishes - how would we know if AQA don't tell us this. it doesn't say teach them brand names of finishes - does it Or have I missed that?) Oh and I never call it underlining I call it interlining, interfacing and lining so they won't have got that either.That i do admit is on the spec and I had missed it. Makes me feel a bit like a rubbish teacher actually.
    I looked at the AQA enhanced results analysis with a SLT member today and discovered that on average across the country a student gets a C grade for this paper. He said that was very low.
    Also I have a set up a Facebook group - 'Textiles Surgery' which I am trying to get textile teachers to join so that we have a place where we can easily message one another to discuss stuff like this and work together to try and get better support if anyone wants to join.
  7. I was told that stuff about AS and History of Fashion via email. I asked for clarification about this from the exm board 2 years ago, as the spec was unclear (Quelle Suprise!) and received an email stating the above.
    I am going to ask IT how far they can go back to retrieve deleted email as more evidence.
    Re stuff about enhanced results. In my experience coursework is usually a good indication of overall ability. I would expect a student to get similar marks for each component of the course. Overall AS text 1 was very low scoring, .coursework wasn't low scoring across the country and in similar centres to my own. I think the progression is totally wrong, students should be achieving similar on both components. This happens in my Graphics A level. which actually means Graphics is easier than textiles...................
  8. Also agree about proban and "underlinings"I have always known them as interlinings. Spent some of my time in industry working with tailored items and interlinings. Never ever ever heard them called underlinings. But hey, what do I know?.
  9. Lol ditto to the industry bit! Made wedding dresses and stage wear for years both running my own business and working for another company never really heard them called underlinings and didn't notice it on the spec but it is there. Or maybe I just thought they would never ask such daft specific questions. Last year all my students but one got A's for coursework. The one who didn't got a B and also got B in the exam. She is fine just lazy really. Most got A's or B's on the paper the only two who didn't got U's because they did NO work. But looking at the enhanced results the exam shows up as lower results nationally than coursework. Anyway I will now be there in July so we should meet before hand and sit together so we can bombard them with all the issues.
  10. This made me smile because I feel that they have lied and misled us all the through - since the course was introduced. They have a monopoly on textiles now and can basically do as they please.
  11. Unless of course you move the the Art & Design Textiles Specification, which is what we have done for the first time this year. My students have found it much more suitable to their own progressional needs and interests. They can direct the work they produce so much more fully to the choice of progressional route they wish to undertake and conduct a much more creative and 'real' approach to the design process. Having worked in a range of different design jobs prior to be coming a teacher, I now feel I can final teach my A level student the process a designer does through to achieve results in the varying industries they could potentially enter, rather than teaching an extremely our of date (even in its infancy!) specification that can not have been written by anyone who has any current / recent involvement or understanding of the Fashion / Textiles Industry we are trying to prepare our students for. I am passionate about the subject I teach, and i really wanted to pass on this to my students at A level and I just do not think the AQA D&T Textiles Specification will ever allow us to do that!

    Rant over!
  12. I wish i could do this. Unfortunately the art dept already run this course with a heavy 'free art' approach to it. many of my textiles students do both subjects but hate the art textiles as it has no structure. I thought about the fashion strand but it would clash with the art dept and its not academic really also I teach them pattern cutting and adaptation, which i am not sure the art textiles has room for.
  13. "Students will not be tested on history of fashion on the AS Level paper" - I actually heard the course leader at an A Level meeting say this too last Autumn Term.
  14. Hello Leannelowe,
    Hope you are well. I came across the above email by yourself and wondered if you were still on the TES site and teaching the A'Level Art and Design Textiles. My school would like to start an A level in Textiles of some sort in 2012 and I am very much interested in your views and opinions. Please get in touch, and I will email you my address.
    Take care

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