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AS Sociology - Families and Households longer essay questions!! Help me please!!!

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by gemmy, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    I'm hoping that some lovely person will take pity and help me out......please!!!
    I have a group of lazy boys who are really struggling to write structured essays (this is the area which they lost quite a few marks on in the Jan module). I need some essay plans/writing frameworks to guide them.
    I'm hoping that someone out there has similar problems and may have discovered a fail safe method for essay planning which I can use with my class.
    Please help!!
    G x
  2. Post your e-mail addy and send you a few things that I've used with my less able students that has helped them raise their grades.
  3. Can I jump on the bandwagon and have a copy too please??
  4. Hi!

    I use a 'cake' analogy- if you were feeling generous you could take two cakes in as a visual and edible aid...

    Explain that D (examine) questions are explaining why something is happening/changing with loads of detailed evidence
    .I use a fruit cake as the 'examine' question (d question)- you need lots of variety in terms of examples and studies (draw attention to all the different fruits and nuts in the cake when you cut it open)- but mention that the fruit cake is weighty and filling is not like a wafer, full of 'list like' studies...you can bring in a wafer to show what a 'thin' essay looks like. The bulk of the cake keeps all the studies (fruit and nuts) together as you keep coming back to the question.

    Explain that (E) questions are always an argument/debate between two sides
    The 'assess' (e) question is like a 'sarah-lee' chocolate sponge cake (2 layers of sponge with choc filling) . The topping is when you introduce the 'debate'- what are sociologist disagreeing about? The first layer of sponge are the arguements/evidence to support the essays. The filling is the paragraph that briefly explain why people disagree. Then the second layer is all the evidence and examples that disagree with the question/the top layer (AO2). The plate is the bit that puts it in the top mark band- they say which theory/idea has the greatest validity and why...This supports the whole cake/essay...

    surreal but it really works...

    when you get to A2 you can move onto chocolate cakes with more than one layer...

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