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AS Psychology Spec

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by KB26, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. Hi
    Can anyone give any insight in to different Psych Specs - we currently teach AQA A but have had some poor results over the last few years (I have only started teaching Psych at this school this year having delivered OCR at my previous post - old spec) but the students feel its too dry, too challenging, too much to remember etc. We share classes. I just wondered if anyone else had comments on the other specs WJEC, OCR, EDEXCEL, AQA B etc and exam techniques etc. WJEC and OCR look quite prescriptive and skills based if a little methods based but I have seen posts on here saying WJEC exam marking is quite tough and inconsistent- is this universal? any comments woulld be useful.

    KB :)
  2. Personally, I'm quite happy with the new OCR. However I feel pretty strongly that every spec has it's pros and cons. If you change spec, you will probably have a dip in performance while you are getting to grips with it. You will also need a massive investment of tiime and money. Why not stick with AQA A and work at improving performance? One good way of doing this is to become an examiner. Otherwise, getting scripts back and going though them with a toothcomb should help you to assess where students are losing marks.
    Whatever you decide. Good Luck!

  3. We like Edexcel because of the way How Science Works is embedded. We switched from AQA A because we didn't like the new split at AS and their stuff at A2 we felt lacked credibility. I wouldn't do either WJEC or OCR because of the core studies paper, my students just would not learn them.

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